The Arkenpliers is one of the Arkentools. It is wielded by, and attuned to, Wanda Firebaugh.



The Arkenpliers resemble a pair of red-handled needle-nosed pliers. It is about the size of an Erfworld-scale sword.


When used as a melee weapon, the Arkenpliers gives a substantial combat bonus. They "turn most uncroaked to dust" with a single hit. With the Arkenpliers attuned to Wanda, she had vast powers when uncroaking units, so much so that they seem alive again.


When Prince Ansom carried the Arkenpliers, he generally used them as a blunt instrument, like a club; however, when attacking Manpower the Temporary, he opened the Pliers and crushed Manpower's head.

Stanley the Tool believes that Ansom's attack has been ordained by the Titans to bring the Arkenpliers to him.

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