Arki was born on November 14, 1997.


Simon: Eesh-eesh-eesh...

Eric: What's wrong, darling?

Simon: I broke my legs. Then I became very fat.

Eric: Don't worry, Simon. I'll call the doctor. (picks up the phone) Hello, doctor? No problem at all. See ya. (hangs up the phone)

Doctor: Hi. I'm the doctor.

Eric: (gasps) Oh, my god! You're fat! Go away now!

Doctor: I'm sorry, Eric! (runs off)

Other Doctor: Hi. I'm the other doctor.

Eric: Doctor, is he all right?

Other Doctor: Yes. He'll be completely fine. Okay, Simon. Push now. Harder. Just push, push, and push. I hope that helps you. (finally, the baby pops out of Simon's stomach) Congrats, Simon! It's a boy. What's his name?

Eric: How about... Arki?

Other Doctor: I like that name.

(age 1)

Simon: Happy birthday, Arki. You're a whole year old. Have some cake.

Arki: Cake! (giggles, then takes a bite of the cake)

Simon: Arki have said his first word! (chuckles)

Arki: I love cake! (giggles)

(age 2)

(it was Arki's third Halloween)

Arki: Trick-or-treat!

Man: Here's some candy, Arki.

Arki: Thanks. (walks off)

(age 3)

Eric: Enjoy Christmas in 2000! See my child? He's on the floor.

Arki: I want Barney! (x3)

Eric: Okay. In fact... Merry Christmas! (chuckles)

(age 5)

(Eric and Simon died from a subway crash)

Arki: (sobbing) Good-bye, you guys! (runs off)

(R.I.P.: Eric and Simon (1960 - 2002))

(age 8)

(Arki has his foster parents Julie and Dave)

Dave: What happened to Eric and Simon, son?

Arki: They died from a subway crash.

Julie: So, we're a good happy family!

Arki: Thanks, mom and dad! (giggles)

(age 14)

Dave: Arki! I can't believe you got a pink slip at school!! That's it! You're grounded for life!

Julie: March to your room right now!


(age 15)


Julie and Dave: Oh, please! Don't do it, son!

Arki: (kills his foster parents with a knife) THAT WILL TEACH YOU A VERY CREEPY LESSON, MOM AND DAD!!! (cackles, then runs off)


Air Date

January 30, 2013

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