Arleah is the main city in the Cardathian region.

It is split into four main districts

  • City Districts
    • Arleah Docks
    • Residential District
    • Alreah Slums
    • South Arleah

There is also the City Cemetry, at the edge of the city in which the majority of the population are buried. You can access it via the Slums.

Arleah Guard

The City is protected by the Arleah Guard, a force of Paladins and other support which uphold the law of Arleah and make sure the city is well defended

Arleah Docks

Arleah docks is the hub of the city. From there, you can catch a boat to any of the main cities or towns in the region. It is also where most visitors arrive from. The area has a herb store, where you can buy many different types of potions and healing kits, A magic store, where any spellcasters may purchase equipment and components for spellcasting, a blacksmith selling fine armour and weapons for those of the melee profession. There is also the famous 'Mereedge Lodge', a inn/bar which sells alchol including the 'mereedge madness' drink. There are also many rooms for rent.

This part of the city also houses the 'Arena of Thorns', an arena in which a regular contest happens.

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