Leather/studded leather: These forms of armor are common. Every male above puberty is issued a set of either leather or studded leather armor, and taught the basics of using it. The penalty for wearing leather armor while not profficient is halved for any but Elves(WE).
Hide: With the Elves(WE)) migration, Hide armor has become popular. Made primarily from pigmi elephant skin, this armor adds cumbersome protection. Elves wearing hide armor while not profficient suffer only half the normal penalty.
Chainshirt: This is the official "uniform" of town guardsman. Every man in the militia owns a set in addition to his leather. It is considered impolite to wear heavier than leather armor around town when not guarding or on important business.
Breastplate: Some of the men-at-arms who came with Sir Amelio Rensin brought breastplates with them. This is the official uniform of his personal Guards.
Chainmail: Others of Sir Gregory Grimwar's men-at-arms possessed chainmail armor. It has come to be known as archer's armor, as Sir Gregory Grimwar's army archers wore this armor. it is not often seen however.
Scalemail: This is the armor of the Dwarves. It is believed this armor was originally conceived by a Dwarf, and all militant Dwarves are trained in its use. A human wearing it would be seen like a man wearing a dress.
Plate mail: Called "Plate and mail", Sir Amelio Rensin and a few of his knights own a suit of Plate mail. Additional Suits of Plate-and-mail have been manufactured and are worn by anyone who aquires the title Knight.
Full Plate: Knights of the realm may know of this armor, but there exists no suit of it in West End.
Shields: All forms of shields are known of and used.

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