This is the most common army hierarchy used through out the Archipelago. Please refer to: Wikipedia:Military_unit#Hierarchy_of_modern_armies

The Armed Force consist of The Army, The Navy and The Elite and lead by Generalissimo.

The Army

Name Strength Constituent units Commander or leader
The Army 0-00 The entire Division Marshall
Division 4 000-20 000 2-7 Legion General
Legion 2 000-3 000 4-8 Battalion Colonel
Battalion 300-500 2-4 Century Commander
Century 90-150 2-4 Platoon Centurion
Platoon 30-50 3-5 Squad Sergent
Squad 8-12 8-12 Private Corporal
Private 1 1 Private

The Elite

Name Strength Constituent units Commander or leader
The Elite 1800-2100 6 Divider General
Divider 300-350 6 Stellar Lieutenant
Stellar 50-60 7 Squad Mayor
Squad 5-9 5-9 Elite Brigade
Elite 1 1 Elite

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