This is Animaniacs with Hey Arnold characters.

Arnold as Yakko

Gerald as Wakko

Helga as Dot

Cecile as Rita

Stinky as Runt

Sid as Squit

Harold as Pesto

Arnie as Bobby

Gloria as Minerva

Brainy as Mime

Curly as Pinky

Big Bob Pataki as The Brain

Phoebe as Katie

Lila as Martia

Lorenzo as Fabio

Grandma Gertie "Pookie" as Slappy

Eugene as Skippy

Chocolate Boy as Ralph

Grandpa Phil "Steely" as Dr. Otto Scratchensniff

Rhonda as Mindy

Raggs as Buttons

Valerina from The Brothers Flub as Hello Nurse

Joey as Director in Prop Shop Drop

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