The Arocha are a race of short, stocky people with gravely voices, hairless stone grey skin, long arms, shallow foreheads, and featureless yellow eyes. Arocha of ancient times were a savage underground dwelling people who lived at war with the elves and humans of the Northrun Reach. They lived in natural caverns of the Northrun moors, and subsisted on fish, vermin, and mosses, and when the food supply was short, would raid for livestock or the occasional stray individuals, easy to capture. With the coming of Tier, their society was changed, and they were brought to civilization, and have lived peaceably in human cities for 300 years, if mainly in the ghettos. Arocha are sometimes discriminated against in Lenthinar and the Hordelands (Hordelander humans are related to the humans of Northrun, and many share some of the Northrun prejudice). Due to ancient enmity, Northrun elves and humans dislike and distrust Arocha.

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