Okay, here it is. After many hours surfing every McDonald's website around the world, and trying to make heads or tails out of Google Translate translations, I've compiled a list of (almost) every McDonald's menu item with a "Mc" as part of the name for your viewing pleasure.

Without further ado here's what's on the Biggest McMenu (by the way, it's actually called the "McMenu" in some countries) from McDonald's restaurants around the world:

France is the second most profitable market for McDonald's (first being us here in the U.S.) so it's no surprise that the iconic French sandwich, the Croque Monsieur, is available there as the Croque McDo.

If that's too French for you, there's also a kid's version of the Filet-O-Fish (but with ketchup and no cheese) called Le McFish!

Also in France, just released and only for a limited-time, there's McBaguette featuring a stone baked French baguette, French Emmental cheese (more commonly known to us as "Swiss cheese"), and a French mustard. If you read the What's on the Menu: McDonald's Arabia post, "It's like McDonald's, but a bit French."

Farther from us in Oceania, McDonald's offers the McFeast at its Australian outpost. It's a traditional-style burger comprising of an extra-large beef patty, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles and three sauces (mustard, ketchup and “McFeast Deluxe” sauce) inside a sesame seed bun. The McFeast was also offered for a brief period at McDonald's restaurants in Egypt.

In the mood for a McFlurry, you're in luck. The McFlurry is a dessert combining ice cream with candies. It was invented in New Brunswick (a city in the country of Canada) in the year 1995 and became popular. Today, McFlurries are sold all over the world.

North of us in Canada, there's the McBistro which is a little bit different from the one they've test here in the States and comes in three varieties: Southwest Chicken, Chicken BLT, and Swiss Mushroom Melt. It's also been offered at some point in Singapore as a limited-time item (same name, different item though).

Also, in Canada is the McMini, which is chicken served on a mini-baguette, served simply with a mango or spicy Thai sauce.

Earlier this year in Austria, there was the infamous McRibster, which was a McRib patty but battered and deep-fried with bacon and other good stuff.

Austria is also where you can locate the local McDonald's with the McFinder.

I'm sure you might know what a macaron is (if you don't it's a like a meringue-based sandwich cookie), but unless you're in Austria, you've probably never heard of a McCaron! That's right macarons are offered at McCafes in Austria and are called "McCarons."

If you've ever wondered why they don't call McDonald's distinctive and world famous fries "McFries," they do! South Africa and Brazil. The latter is where you can order up some McFritas ("fritas" means "fries" in Portugese).

If that's a little too close to what you can get at home, just down south in Mexico, you can get "McPatatas" (that's "McPotatoes" in Spanish) which are seasoned potato wedges served up in a cup.

But that's not all! In Mexico, you can also get a McBurrito! You might recognize it as the McSkillet.

Something you won't recognize so much at McDonald's Mexico is the McMollete. A mollete in Mexico is a usually a dish of bread, spread with refried beans and topped with cheese. McDonald's version looks to be made on English muffins (irony!), spread with beans, topped with a slice of melted cheese and pico de gallo.

In Puerto Rico, there's the McCriollo (with eggs and cheese). Criollo is a Puerto Rican bread, like a baguette, but bigger and softer. Basically, the McCriollo is a sandwich with ham, cheese, and egg on a Criollo roll, served for breakfast.

We go to Turkey where McDonald's offers the McBeefy! I dunno, I figured the McBeefy would be beefier (mcbeefier? haha... sorry for the corniness). It looks like a hamburger patty with American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles, and mustard on a sesame seed bun. From what I've been able to figure out, the patty is made in the style of a certain type of Turkish meatball so there should be more of a seasoned beef flavor to it.

We now take a look at the McHotdog Classic.

Hailing from Japan, it's a hot dog available at McDonald's with ketchup and mustard relish... for breakfast!

In Brazil, what we call the McChicken is called the Chicken McJunior because their McChicken is the McChicken of old with a bigger chicken patty and served on a sesame seed bun.

If you're in Slovakia, you can grab a McDonut with vanilla or chocolate frosting.

Apparently, McDonald's is KFC-ing it up in the Philippines with some crispy chicken drumsticks dubbed the Chicken McDo with Rice. You can also get your fried chicken on with spagetti. Behold! The Chicken McDo with McSpagetti. It's one special price for McSpagetti by itself.

Something a bit more local and simple is the Burger McDo in the Philippines. It's just a plain hamburger with a sweeter, very orange version of Thousand Island.

In Indonesia or the Philippines? How about a McFloat?

McDonald's restaurants in Portugal have introduced a new burger called the McBifana. It has a two beef patties, cheese slices, and special sauce on a honey wheat roll.

You can get a shake anywhere but you'll have to travel to India or Japan to get a McShake!

In Croatia, you can get a McCroissant...

To go with your McEspresso... why not McPresso?!

Now, we have the McBean. No, it's not a single-bean like the name suggest but a vegetarian burger option at McDonald's in Sweden. The breaded patty is made of beans plus veggies.

And if beans are your thing, out in Costa Rica, you can get the McPinto Deluxe for breakfast at McDonald's. An analogue to our Deluxe Big Breakfast but instead of hotcakes and an English muffin (or biscuit depending on your locale), they serve up beans and rice, tortillas, and fried plantains.

In New Zealand, there's the Chicken McCheese which, despite the name, only has one slice of cheese to go along with lettuce, ketchup, and mayo in this McChicken variant.

For something more substantial, there's the McFeast Deluxe in South Africa. It comes with two beef patties, cheese, onion, tomato, and lettuce. More of a McDonald's version of a Double Whopper with cheese than a feast though.

For an actual feast, you can pick up a McBox in Slovakia. It's a complete family-sized meal from McDonald's that comes in an oversized Happy Meal-style box.

Maybe afterward, you'd like a spot of tea and milk? Or as they call it at Hong Kong McDonald's: a McBrew Tea.

For dessert, in Brazil, McDonald's goes big with the Super McShake in a large-sized McDonald's Sundae cup!

Now, we've got breakfast in Belgium where they have the McMorning menu with several "McMorning" items.

Specifically, there are three McMorning options: the Continental McMorning, American McMorning, and English McMorning. Apparently, the traditional mainland Europe option (continental) is two croissant with butter, jam, and a cup of coffee or tea. The American option is a stack of three pancakes with syrup, coffee or tea, and orange juice. And then, there's the English option which is a Bacon McMuffin & Egg (on an English muffin of course... or "McMuffin" bread if you will), coffee or tea and orange juice.

For another look at McMorning items, in Croatia, McDonald's serves the McMorning Bacon. Its comes on a round, corn-meal-dusted bun, with a pork sausage patty, hash browns, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and some sort of sauce (probably "secret sauce" or a mayo-variant).

If you're not a fan of pork there's also a chicken version, the McMorning Chicken:

It's a lot simpler with a breaded chicken patty (a la McChicken), tomatoes, arugula, lettuce, and mayo on a corn-meal-dusted bun.

If you want something simpler with bacon go to Malta where they have the Crispy McBacon!

The Crispy McBacon contains two beef patties, cheese, bacon, and what looks to be Mac sauce on a sesame bun.

There's also a McBacon in Urugray; it's more a McDouble with bacon but on a sesame bun.

If you just want pork without the beef, there's the McCountry:

It's available in several European countries including Croatia and Slovakia. Instead of beef patties, there's two pork patties to go along with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and mustard.

Also in Croatia (and several countries around the globe), they actually call a McDonald's sundae, a McSundae!

This time, we go to India and something very particular to the Indian market with the McAloo Tikki.

Aloo tikki is basically a spiced potato croquette served as a snack in various locales in India and sometimes found here in the U.S. in Indian restaurants. The McAloo Tikki is a decidedly McDonald's take on the dish featuring breaded deep-fried patty of potatoes and peas served on a hamburger bun along with tomatoes, onions, a special vegetable sauce, and ketchup. And yes, it is a vegetarian dish.

If you want something with some meat at McDonald's in India, there's nary any cow to be found, but there's chicken and the Chicken McGrill.

Ordering a Chicken McGrill nets you a grilled white meat chicken patty accompanied by tomatoes and a cool mint sauce on a McDonald's hamburger bun.

There is also the McEgg sandwich recently introduced at Indian McDonald's restaurants. It was served in Thailand at one point.

If you're looking for something more festive, there's the McFiesta in Peru:

The McFiesta seems only festive in name though as it looks like a regular McDonald's Hamburger, but with tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo. I don't know how that equals a party. On the plus side, you can easily custom order one here in the States.

Looking better is the Cheddar McMelt in Brazil:

The Cheddar McMelt looks to satiate the "meat and cheese" crowd with a quarter pound beef patty topped simply with melted cheese and onions on a sesame seed bun.

On the fried chicken track, there's Pollo Fritas McCrispy in Honduras; "pollo fritas" being Spanish for "fried chicken."

It takes McDonald's into KFC's territory complete with coleslaw.

If you're going really simple, there's the McToast:

It's offered in several countries including Croatia where two slices of cheese are served during breakfast hours in between two toasted, inverted burger buns. It's more like the "Not Mc-Trying."

In some Middle-Eastern countries, there's the McArabia:

It's served with either grilled chicken or kofta (spiced beef) patties served in a pita along with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and garlic mayo.

They also have the same thing in Turkey, but there it's called the McTurco:

Of course, further south in South Africa, they serve what looks to be the same thing as the Grilled Chicken Foldover:

I wonder if pita sandwiches will ever make it to our McDonald's here in the U.S.

It also comes in a chicken variation dubbed the "McTurco Chicken." Surprise right? Same thing but with two breaded chicken patties. Well, the beef version seems to have a red chili sauce while the chicken version seems to have a peppery yogurt sauce or mayo.

We have something you might remember -- the McSalad Shaker!

It came out here back in the spring of 2000 and was basically a salad in a cup so that you could just add dressing and shake it for even coverage. They didn't work out so great and were discontinued, but apparently, you can still get them in the Netherlands. They're available with ham and chicken or tuna.

Also in the Netherlands, there's the McKroket... as in croquette:

The McKroket's (McCroquette) main feature is a deep-fried croquette patty filled with beef ragout, which is stewed beef. It's served simply with Dijon mustard.

Something they seem to serve in many countries all over the world, but not here (yet) is the McWrap:

There are variations for different regions such as the Veggie, Classic, and Bacon that were recently introduced in South America. They have them out in Europe as well.

Chicken wings aren't that uncommon at McDonald's restaurants outside the U.S. A few of them even serve up McWings like these from Hong Kong:

And these in Singapore:

I wonder how they compare to KFC's Hot Wings.

There are a lot of chicken sandwiches available at McDonald's, but this one in particular goes by quite a few different names:

In Pakistan, it's called the Spicy McCrispy Chicken where it feature battered and fried thigh meat thigh meat along with the standard lettuce and mayo.

In Malaysia, the same sandwich (except with a cornmeal dusted bun instead of sesame) is called the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and it feature the worse promotional food photo I've ever seen:

It's not even stacked straight!

Out in India, they call it the McSpicy Chicken:

Regardless of the name, it sounds pretty good.

You may have had muesli for breakfast before, but unless you're in Slovenia, you haven't had McMuesli! Oh no they didn't! Oh yes they did!

Looking at it, it's actually a parfait with yogurt, fruit, and muesli. It's pretty much the Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait no?

But how about the McColosso McDonald's has out in Brazil? It's big waffle cone filled with McDonald's vanilla soft serve, hot fudge syrup, and a flute wafer cookie.

For something a bit more familar there's the McSwirl out in India. Yes, it's a McDonald's soft serve ice cream cone. Er, I guess they get the pointy cones so there's that... And, it's available chocolate-dipped... Moving along...

Across the danger fraught border, in Pakistan, they also have the McSwirl, but with flavored syrups swirled in. I saw the same thing at some Hong Kong McDonald's while on The Asia Trip a while back, but didn't end up trying it (shameful I know...). There looks to be quite a variety. Don't book your plane tickets yet though, it looks to be only for a limited time.

For a more fizzy dessert, out in the Philippines, McDonald's pours Sprite McFloats. They're available in Honey Banana, Green Apple, Four Seasons (it's orange colored, but I have no idea what flavor it is), and Blueberry. There's also a Coke Float. Seems easy enough to do here in the States. Just order a soda, fill it 3/4 full, and plop your soft serve cone into it.

For savory snacking, McDonald's Turkey has McDippers which is basically their version of Chicken Selects.

Beyond the standard dipping sauces, they recently added a new garlic mayo sauce.

Finally, back to India where they have the Veg Pizza McPuff:

Looks like a bit like a Hot Pocket or a giant Totino's Pizza Roll, no? The Veg Pizza McPuff has beans, carrots, and peas though... sounds more like pot pie filling. The shell looks a bit like an orange tortilla to me.

In Malaysia, you can go to McDonald's and get a local dish, the Bubur Ayam McD, a rice porridge with chicken, green onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots, and diced chilies. It's only about $1.44 a bowl.

We know that France has a McFish (with ketchup for the kids) but so does Brazil:

Whereas the French version is a variation of the Filet-O-Fish, the Brazilian version is the Filet-O-Fish.

In India, for the large vegetarian population, there's the McSpicy Paneer. It's basically a spicy, breaded, deep-fried cheese patty. To balance the heat, they top it with a creamy sauce and lettuce on a sesame seed bun.

There's also the McVeggie in India. Similarly to the McSpicy Paneer, it is also breaded and deep-fried, but the filling is a blend of bread, potato, peas, carrots, and Indian spices. It's complemented with mayo and lettuce on a sesame seed bun.

In Japan, there's the McPork which I actually had the opportunity to try a couple years back (pretty good!). It's a pork patty with a teriyaki-ish sauce and lettuce.

For the best of names, there's the McNifica which can be found in parts of Latin America as well as South America. It's fairly run-of-the-mill in construction though: beef patty, American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, ketchup, mayo, and mustard.

In Spain, there's the McIberica, sourcing some local specialties, it sports a beef patty with Iberico ham, Manchego cheese, olive oil, lettuce, and tomato on a bakery-style bun. Looks fancy!

Finally, in South Africa and a couple of other countries, there's the burger best known here in the States for its mention in the movie Pulp Fiction: the McRoyale Deluxe... Because Quarter Pounder wouldn't make much sense in a country using the metric system. We would probably call it a Quarter Pounder Deluxe because basically, it is a Quarter Pounder with Cheese plus lettuce, tomato, and mayo which pretty much makes it a McNifica as well. Funny how the world works.

And so ends our Biggest McMenu adventure. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

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