Arrathir Quinn (23 BCA- 7 ACA) is the reincarnation of the Keeper of Black Mana and Eva Pezrokov's mate.

Arrathir Quinn

Character Outline

Arrathir is a rat hanyō; a half-rat demon. He possesses the ears and tail of a rat. He is a ghell and specializes in necromancy. Being Eva's mate, he also has some skill in the shi arts.

Because of his unhappy childhood, Arrathir grew up a loner. He was quite introverted and shy, so he took refuge in his books and Magic: The Gathering.

After his awakening as the Keeper of Black Mana, Arrathir had to deal with the fact of wielding the power of a God. Because of this, he tends to be very serious.

Due of his immense trust in his abilities, Arrathir tends to be overconfident and act without thinking; this has landed him in trouble more times that he cares to remember.

Demonic Side

Being a half-demon, Arrathir naturally has a demonic side. This side of Arrathir is much darker and hell-bent on destruction and violence. It represents an inhibition-free Arrathir; Arrathir as he would be if he gave into his darkness and did whatever he pleased.

His demon side first manifested during The Awakening when he and Eva were captured by Yavimayan elves. When the elves applied the penalty for trespassing in Yavimaya (one bone broken for every twig snapped underfoot), Arrathir snapped. Driven by his rage toward the elves, extracting a bloody vengeance on them.

When he'd finished with the elves, his attention turned to Eva. Sensing she was in heat, the demon marked Eva as his mate and attempted to rape her. Fortunately for Eva, Khell Dracos showed up at that moment and drove the demon off.

The demon's influence on Eva didn't stop there. He was able to continue torturing her in her dreams through the mark. Eventually, Eva was able to defeat the demon.

When Arrathir's life essence was lost, the demon merged his power with Arrathir's in order to recuperate the life essence. His only demand was that Arrathir actively pursue Eva as his mate. Upon Arrathir's resurrection, the demon nearly killed Charles Wainscot when he kissed Eva.

Presently, the demon has not been seen in a while, seeing as how Arrathir's power has grown strong enough not to necessitate the demon's aid in battle.


Early years

Arrathir's father left shortly after his birth and he grew up never having a good relationship with his mother. He started playing Magic: The Gathering actively in his late teens, but he was always more of a casual player, winning the occasional tournament at local card shops, but never trying to go pro.

Magic: The Gathering vs Yu-Gi-Oh!

One day, Arrathir stumbled upon an alternate reality where he met Khell Dracos. The two became close friends and Khell taught him to mana summon.

When Arrathir was killed by an ancient Egyptian spirit, he met a Planeswalker by the name of Lu Chao who revealed he was the reincarnation of the Keeper of Black Mana. Upon his rebirth, the spirit of the Keeper, Chikuro awoke within him and promptly took over his body. After the Keeper defeated the spirit who had killed him, Arrathir returned to his own universe and resumed his semi-normal life.

The Awakening

One year later, he was contacted again by Lu Chao, this time to awaken the remaining Keepers of Mana.

Arrathir met Eva Pezrokov at a local tournament. The two immediately clashed and Arrathir was so intimidated by Eva, he lost his first match to her. Taking over, Chikuro was able to win the game, leaving Eva furious.

The two met again later on when Anima stormed the tournament with her Slivers. Arrathir and Eva escaped on a Havoc Demon and Arrathir told Eva about who he was. Eventually, Eva asked Arrathir to train her in summoning.

On the run from Anima, the two ran into Erik Morlock, who promptly defeated Arrathir in a duel. The next day, they visited Erik to warn him about the Slivers. Erik was skeptic at first, but had no choice but to believe them when the Slivers stormed his house.

The three escaped to Tokyo, where they defeated Anima and Erik was revealed to be the Keeper of White Mana.

Arrathir met Charles Wainscot at an anime convention. It was at this convention that another Planeswalker, Numa, kidnapped Eva and forced Arrathir and Charles into a duel to the death for Eva's life. They were unable to save Eva and Numa escaped.

Distraught, Arrathir wandered the streets until he met Aki Umizaki, a Japanese girl whom he thought might be the Keeper of Red Mana. Charles turned out to be the Keeper of Blue Mana and after defeating Numa, with Erik's help, they managed to bring Eva back to life.

Lu Chao showed up once again and told them they need to travel to Dominaria in order to awaken the two remaining Keepers.

Once they arrived, the were attacked by a Tunneler Wurm. Arrathir and Eva were separated from Charles and Erik and were eventually captured by Llanowar Elves. As the elves applied the penalty for trespassing on Arrathir, his inner demon took over and he slaughtered the elves before trying to rape Eva. Khell Dracos arrived that that moment and saved Eva, but not before she was marked by the demon.

They left Yavimaya and set sail for Shiv, where they assumed the Keeper of Red Mana would be found. During the voyage, they were attacked by another Planeswalker and Arrathir was killed. Eva persuaded the other Keepers to put his body in stasis.

Upon reaching Shiv, they made their way to the Shivan Cordillera. One night, Charles, who had begun to develop feeling for Eva kissed her, resulting in Arrathir's demon attacking Charles and nearly killing him in the process.

While Eva and Khell attempted to calm the demon down, Erik and Charles disappeared. Fearing another Planeswalker attack, Arrathir, Khell, and Eva followed their mana signature until they reached a lush valley.

Here, the truth was revealed: Erik's spirit, Chihowaido, had taken over his hosts' body. Chikuro duelled against him for Charles' life in a volcano. The resulting duel caused the volcano to go into eruption, interrupting the duel.

Arrathir turned back to find Eva and found her buried under volcanic ash. He managed to carry her to safety and proceeded to give her artificial respiration, when she suddenly awoke and began kissing him passionately. Arrathir discovered he had just awoken the final Keeper of Mana, Chiruu.

Meanwhile, Chihowaido was contacted by Lu Chao and joined forces with him to destroy the Keeper of Black Mana.


Arrathir has 'died' three times in the continuity of the story.

His first death occurs upon Chikuro's awakening.

His second death happens during The Awakening, on route to Shiv. Eva and Arrathir face off against a summoner who defeats Arrathir and instead of absorbing his life essence, releases it, making it impossible for Eva to resurrect Arrathir upon his defeat.

Arrathir's third and apparently final death is at the end of the Illusion Arc when Arcanis collapsed. The Keepers had begun evacuating the students through the portal created by Arcus Acer when the portal malfunctions. In desperation, Arrathir channells his mana into the portal, keeping it open long enough for the rest of the students to get through.


Being a half-demon, Arrathir possesses enhanced hearing, smell and a certain degree of night vision. His strength and speed are also increased beyond the limits of regular humans. Though having not formal training in hand-to-hand combat, Arrathir can hold his own in a fight.

His knowledge of the black arts is unrivalled and he can cast just about any black spell in existence. In duels, he mainly employs reanimation and creature destruction. His signature move is a first-turn summon of a Hypnox.

His weapon of choice is a kusari-gama, which he fashions from raw mana when he needs it. This weapon, called "Kiminokatsu," which means "Terrifying Night."

Out of Character

Arrathir has had some OOC appearances, mostly in Song's Omakes. It all began when Chiv Alri turned him into a Usul using the Pocket Lab Ray.


  • Arrathir is ambidextrous (equally skilled with both hands).
  • Arrathir's appearance and personality are very much based on his creator.
  • Arrathir is Canadian and damn proud of it.

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