Name: Arrius Vlægin
Race: Human
Birthplace: Onderon
Gender: Male
Age: 63
Affiliation: The Sith Empire
Imperial Lord Grukh
Side of the Force: N/A
Occupation: Onderonian Captain (Formerly)
Imperial Sith Navy Supreme Commander (Fomerly)
Thaxilian Navy Supreme Commander (Fomerly)
Doshan Navy Supreme Commander
Imperial High Admiral
Force Affinity: N/A

Physical Description

Admiral Vlægin is a man with an average build and a slightly above average height, standing six feet one inch (1.85 meters) tall. His face is stern and he keeps his almost entirely grey hair in a military cut, always keeping his clean shaven. Vlægin takes care to appear professional.

He generally wears the standard grey uniform of an Imperial Sith Officer, though his is somewhat more decorated with various awards in addition to epaulettes that he wears to identify himself as the commanding officer.

Psychological Description

Vlægin is a strategist through and through, always looking to the future, planning his course of action. He is collected in the heat of battle, a product of over forty years in military service, and is a leader of considerable skill.

He takes care to ensure that he only shows his men the face of a leader, as well, not allowing any doubt or concerns he may have to show. He has a commanding personality and is generally successful in inspiring confidence is his underlings.

Favored Force Uses

Admrial Vlægin has no ability with the Force.


The High Admiral’s fleet is his primary weapon, though if forced in close combat, he carries a personal shielding unit as well as a blaster pistol. However, Vlægin is not trained for heavy direct combat, and at his age, would have little capabilities in it.


Vlægin is a master strategist and is capable of inspiring loyalty and devotion in his subordinates. He is also notably strong willed and resistant to mental based Force effects.


Vlægin is getting old and has lost much of the vitality of youth. He is no longer able to withstands serious exertion nor is he able to put up much of a fight in direct combat.

Relevant History

Originally of the Onderonian Navy, Arrius Vlægin later retired, seeking a greater opportunity than could be offered to him there. He found this in the form of the Trandoshan Warlord Zynactus Thaxilius, who was seeking a capable military commander to further his own goals in expanding his section of neutral space, and it was a role that Vlægin could fill well. He had graduated top of his class in the military academy, and was considered an extremely capable commander. Such abilities had rapidly raised him to the rank of captain, the highest rank normally obtainable on the planetary military, as the sole Admiral commanded the entire fleet and the position rarely became open.

Offering his services to the Trandoshan, he was brought into the Thaxilian Navy as a captain where he proved his capabilities on many occasions, eventually earning the position of Supreme Naval Commander. It was here that the final piece of the Thaxilian Empire’s command structure was put into place; the Noghri Grukh leading intelligence, the Dark Side Master Anuvilis heading planning, Vlægin heading the military machine, and Thaxilius himself running the overall operation as emperor.

Vlægin followed Thaxilius into the Sith Empire, continuing to lead his fleet and, upon the Trandoshan’s ascension to the Imperial Throne, the entire Imperial Sith Navy. Vlægin lead the navy, beholden only to the Dark Lord himself and his chief Sith military advisor Vilan, against the Republic and later against Shadow.

After Thaxilius’ fall and Vilan’s rise to power, Vlægin lost the position of Supreme Commander of the Imperial Sith Navy and rejoined his original fleet under the command of Thaxilius’ successor, the now Imperial Lord Grukh, where he assumed the mantel of Supreme Commander of the Doshan Sector Navy.

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