Arronasaan in not a real Nogan, but actually a mechanical Toa. His real name is Arro, but he created the name to protect his identity. Brutus saw through the deception, and so did the other Exiles that were with him. It is not really known why he joined; he just simply stated that "there would be a benefit in my joining."


Nothing is known about how Arro became mechanical, not even him. As Arronasaan, he just says that he came from a far-off land, and nothing more. Usually his victims never get any time for questions.


Arronasaan is a bit on the cheerful side, but is usually silent. As a machine, he has the annoying habit of examening things to last mm. He sounds a bit mechanical when speaking, and appears strange as well, which sometimes gives away his disguise. Sometimes when he walks, metal will appear around where he steps, so he uses that as an advantage to intimidate.


-Two hooks, which can join into a staff.



-Metal Zamors and launcher with clip

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