The Arrowhead Islands are great archipelago off the north east coast of Khul.


The following contains a mixture of canon and non-canon material. The non-canon material is based on canonical references and is designed to reconicle the references in Canon to the Delphic and Varadian Alliances

Formed after the splitting of the continents in c.1000OT, the Arrowheads were not permanently inhabited until around 1400OT. The islands were for many years ruled separately, or in small groups. In the early part of the seventeenth century OT, the Delphic Alliance was formed uniting the eastern Islands of the Arrowheads. To ensure that they did not fall under the power of this powerful Alliance, the Islands of the central and western Arrowheads also formed loose alliances with one another over the next few decades. There were a number of various alliances of the western and central islands. These were fraught with infighting and disagreement, and alliances and agreements were dissolved as quickly as they were made with little consistency throughout the century. However, in the east the Delphic Alliance remained strong.

The various loose alliances of the western islands, of the central Islands, and the stronger Delphic Alliance also disputed territory and trade. Towards the end of the century this looked to be transforming into open warfare. The pirates of the Blood Islands seized upon this opportunity to raid the islands, with increasingly more bold incursions. It was this that did more to help unite the Arrowheads than anything else. Varad, of the Delphic Alliance proposed that the Islands unite under one Alliance to be led by a Council of Three made up of three Triumvirs, one from the Delphic Alliance, one from the western Islands and one from the Central. This was formed in 1697OT. The pirates were driven off, and since that point the Varadian Alliance has remained strong. There was a continued threat from the pirates of the Blood Islands throughout the following centuries, kept at bay by the fleets of the Alliance.

Lord Mortis and Zustra

However, the biggest threat came in 82AC, when Lord Mortis of Balthor attempted to seize control of the eastern islands. He was defeated and entombed on Stayng Island in the far east of the archipelago. With the exception of the raids of Pirate Queen Zustra in 124 AC[Titan], the Arrowhead Islands were without war for many decades until the resurrection of Lord Mortis in 282AC on Stayng IslandTemplate:FF43.

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