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Ars Magna is a wiki dedicated to harnessing the huge talent potential of the wiki community. The current categories of work compiled herein are humor, visual art, and music. More categories can be added as needed.

This is a scratchpad version of the project, just bare bones to explain how this will work.

Ars Magna currently has music, humor, graphic arts and literature, and can be expanded to cover more genres. While wikia does have other arts wikis, Ars Magna is different because it’s dedicated to all forms of artistic expression.

Bringing different disciplines into the same creative context creates new potentials and perhaps turns people who weren’t artists into artists by giving them a creative outlet. In this way, the admixture of different forms creates something new because it can get the people who are into music to try some art, and vice versa.

By being exposed to different forms of expression, people might get inspired, hear a song they never heard before, see a picture that makes them think in a new way. The purpose of the wiki is really to encourage creativity; art is just the means to reach the creative purpose.

Legal Note: Please read this copyright notice before uploading here.

"Let's make some people happy today. It's what art is for (that and making people sad, that's ok too. Having feelings proves you're alive)."

Links to the categories

Art Gallery
Burlesque Lounge
Writers' Room
Concert Hall


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