Leadership for the FIC Art of Community Event is being organized using the Eight Shields Organization Model. See model to learn more about the roles of each direction and how the Core Leadership team relates.

Current Shields and Core Team Members

Click a shield (direction) to see the Event Page dedicated to that role - that page is owned by the person listed. Click any person's name to learn more about them.

Interested in joining the Core Leadership Team? Contact Craig Ragland

Core Team Meetings

Extended Team

People have indicated an interest in helping with the event. At this point, the many roles that the Extended Team will play have not been assigned/agreed upon. In general, we expect that Core Team members will have primary responsibility for areas where Extended team members will plug in.

We expect that members of the Extended Team will fill many of the event's on-site roles. It is also expected that members of the Extended Team will receive free/discounted admission to the event itself and possibly other perks, such as a party and T-shirts.

Members of the Extended Team are also candidates for moving into roles on the Core Leadership Team role should that become necessary.

Traditional Event Job Titles

While we use the Eight Shields Organization Model to help organize our work internally, we will also adopt more familiar job titles to make it easy for people to deal with specific issues, e.g. who do I talk with about signing up as a supporter?, speaking at the event?, arranging food?, buying a ticket?, etc. There will probably not be one-for-one mapping between these externally focused, familiar job titles and the directions. That is, some Core Leadership Team members may have multiple titles.

Some possible familiar titles:

  • Event Coordinator: North
  • Registrar: South
  • Program Coordinator: West
  • Site Manager: South West
  • Speaker Host: West
  • Community Faire/Trade Show Manager: ??
  • Auction Manager: ??
  • Food Manager: ??
  • Volunteer Coordinator: ??
  • Event Designer: ?? Who will define our look-and-feel?
  • Education Coordinator: ??

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