About the schedule for the FIC Art of Community Event.

The event is planned to start on Friday, Sept. 8, 2006 and run through Sunday, Sept. 10, 2006. Specifics have yet to be defined. Another scheduling aspect is the overall project schedule, deadlines for all the event pieces.

We do not yet have a site reserved, but we are as firm as is possible without a venue on the 9/8-10 dates for the actual live main event. Since we are not seeking a residential facility, there are MANY options in the Greater Seattle area (see Art of Community Event Site for more info).

Sub-Events to promote Main Event

In addition the main, 9/8-10 event, there may be sub-events which lead up to and follow the main event, but a schedule for these remains to be determined.

Under Discussion:

  • Visions of Utopia Showings
    • Members of the Core and Extended Leadership team promote event by showing video at various NW venues and discuss event
      • Community Venues
        • Songaia Cohousing
        • Winslow Cohousing
      • Other Venues
        • Wayward Cafe Monday movies
  • Organization Meetings
    • NICA Events
      • Feb 25: 14th Annual Meeting at RoseWind Cohousing
  • Promotional Opportunities
    • Oregon Country Fair
    • Twin Oaks Communities Conference

It is unclear at this point whether one person "owns" the overall schedule. It is expected that the speaker for the West will play a heavy role in the content, but on a high level it is expected to have input from many.

Friday, September 8 (Day One)

  • Opening - ceremonial calling of directions

Saturday, September 9 (Day Two)

  • Main body of event for most active participants

Sunday, September 10 (Day Three)

  • Sustainable Community Faire
  • Closing

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