Overall leadership for the FIC Art of Community Event is spread amongst many different stakeholders. The Art of Community Extended Team will include the largest number of players, who will generally have the most narrow understanding of the event. In general, there will be specific members of the Art of Community Core Leadership Team who will organize and help to coordinate their work.

Extended Team

There is not currently a clear vision for the many roles that the Extended Team will play. In general, we expect that Core Team members will have primary responsibility for areas where Extended team members will plug in.

Possible Roles



  • brainstorm possible speakers
  • brainstorm possible exhibitors
  • Solicit items for auction



  • Help Exhibitors load-in
    • Added security
  • Set-up FIC portions

During Event

  • Runners
  • Hosting Speakers
  • Exhibitor Support
  • Registration Table
  • Auction Support
  • Supporting Art of Community Store


  • Promotion
    • Engaging in online forums
    • Forward to various ListServs
    • Post event at various event calendars
    • Links to web page
  • Encourage friends to attend

Benefits for Extended Team

  • Free/discounted admission
  • Post-event party
  • Cool T-shirts (would also help participants know who to ask for help)

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