Jane: Rise and shine, Arthur. You were sleeping very late.

Arthur: I am?

Jane: Yes.

Arthur: Oh, goody! (slips on the banana peel) Whoa! (falls to the floor) Ouch! Hmm. (picks up the peel) This belongs in the garbage. (puts the peel in the can) There. (knocks over the apple core) Oh, no.

(later, at breakfast...)

David: Arthur? You knocked the apple core over.

Arthur: I did?

David: Yes.

Arthur: Ohhhhh, goody! (spills the glass of orange juice) Uh-oh.

Jane: Oh, dear. You spilled the juice. I'll wipe it off.

Arthur: Sorry.

Jane: No harm done.

Arthur: (picks up the fork, and drops it) Oops! I'll get it. (picks up the fork off the floor, and bumps his head on the table) Ouch! (rubs his head) I'm having a big bad day.

Jane: You are?!

Arthur: Yes.

(after breakfast...)

Arthur: Play ball! Batter up! (throws the ball up in the air, 220 miles above Elwood City) Oops.

D.W.: I'll swing the bat really hard.

Arthur: Hii-yaaaah! (throws the ball)

D.W.: Quick! (catches the ball with the glove) Got it! (falls into the duck pond)

Arthur: (giggles) D.W. fell into the pond!

D.W.: It's not funny. (sighs)


Arthur: Hello, Froggy. (drops his glasses) My glasses! Help! (catches his glasses) Finally! (gasps) Ouch! A thorn!

Froggy: You are having a big bad day.


(back at Arthur's house...)

Jane: Steady. (gets the thorn) Ah! It's a big thorn for a little kid.

Arthur: I'm sorry. I wish it was over.

David: Oh, no! I've spilled the milk.

Arthur: What a mess.

(at bedtime...)

Arthur: I knocked over the apple core, spilled the juice, and dropped D.W. into the pond.

David and Jane: Good night, Arthur. The big bad day was over.

Arthur: Tomorrow I'll have a good day. (snores)


Air Date

July 6, 2012

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