Buster: I'm getting my braces off so i won't have to skip school

Arthur: No Chance No Way I'm not getting braces

Mom: Arthur you need them most of your teeth are crooked I already scheduled your appointment for tomorrow so you don't have to skip school

Arthur: Mom can you schedule it for a school day i want to skip schoo lfor a few days!

Mom: Arthur You need your education when you get up to go to school and tomorrow you might even see Buster without his braces before anyone else you are going and that is it

Buster: Hi Arthur i didn't know you were gonna be here

Buster: I heard you are getting braces

The Orthodontist looked at his teeth and said to Mrs Read

Oh You are right he does need braces!

They went to the store to get Arthur clothes for picture day

Later on that night Arthur was talking to Francine on the phone

Francine: So Arthur how's new braces?

Arthur: There a little sore

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