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Season 1

Arthur as Brian

Buster as Khalil

Brain as Noah

Muffy as Anna

Francine as Taylor

Sue Ellen as Julia

Season 2

Arthur as Willie

Brain as Rosario

Buster as Mike

Muffy as Madi (Muffy and Madi both have their names starting with "M")

Francine as Bridget

Sue Ellen as Nina

Season 3

Arthur as Jay

Buster as Sam

Brain as DJ

Muffy as Sammy

Francine as Harsha

Sue Ellen as Noel

Season 4

Arthur as Brian

Brain as Sterling

Buster as Isaac

Muffy as Talia

Francine as Liza

Sue Ellen as Bethany

Season 5

Arthur as Marc

Buster as Jay

Brain as Marco

Muffy as Rubye

Francine as Shreya

Sue Ellen as Emmie

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