Version 1 (Friends (2013) by Akari's IP account)

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  • Arthur Read as Joycelyn
  • D.W. Read as Angelina
  • Buster as Thor (from Thor The Dark World)
  • Mr.Ratburn as Nicole Hines
  • Rat Villain as Josephine
  • David Read as Dao
  • Jane Read as Phuong
  • The Brain as Thien 
  • Sue Ellen as James
  • Ms.Morgan as Andree Tazbaz
  • Grandma Thora as Thuy Tran
  • Grandpa Dave as Mac De
  • Mary Moo Cow as Brandon
  • Muffy as Rosemary
  • Francine as Lance
  • Binky as Jesus
  • Prunella as Raymond
  • Sue Ellen as Changes
  • George as Jeffery
  • Baby Kate as Daniel
  • Pal as Lucky
  • Dark Bunny as Dien Mac
  • Tommy as Katherine Le
  • Tibble as Harold Le
  • Emily as Amy (from Futurama)
  • Page Turner as Librarian