• D.W. Read as Peppa Pig
  • Arthur Read as George Pig
  • David Read as Daddy Pig
  • Jane Read as Mummy Pig
  • Baby Kate Read as Baby Alexander
  • Grandma Thora Read as Granny Pig
  • Grandpa Dave Read as Grandpa Pig
  • Uncle Fred Read as Uncle Pig
  • Aunt Loretta Read as Auntie Pig
  • Loretta's Daughter as Chloe Pig
  • Francine Frensky as Rebecca Rabbit
  • Laverne Frenskey as Mummy Rabbit
  • Oliver Frenskey as Mr. Rabbit
  • Bubby as Mrs. Rabbit
  • Bronte Orphan as Robbie Rabbit
  • Mei Lin as Rosie Rabbit
  • Timmy Tibble as Richard Rabbit
  • Binky Barnes as Danny Dog
  • Mr. Barnes as Grandad Dog
  • Mrs. Barnes as Mrs. Dog
  • Fern Walters as Emily Elephant
  • Tommy Tibble as Edmond Elephant
  • Doria Walters as Mrs. Elephant
  • Mr. Walters as Mr. Elephant
  • Brain as Pedro Pony
  • Mr. Powers as Mr. Pony
  • Mrs. Powers as Mrs. Pony
  • Sue Ellen Armstrong as Suzy Sheep
  • Mrs. Armstrong as Mrs. Sheep
  • Muffy Crossiwre as Candy Cat
  • Millicent Crosswire as Mrs. Cat
  • Ed Crosswire as Mr. Cat
  • Prunella Deegan as Zoe Zebra
  • Mr. Armstrong as Mr. Zebra
  • Mrs. Deegan as Mrs. Zebra
  • Nadine as Zuzu
  • Maxine as ZaZa
  • Buster Baxter as Freddy Fox
  • Bitzi Baxer as Mrs. Fox
  • Bo Baxter as Mr. Fox
  • Miss Morgan as Madame Gazelle
  • W.D. Merkles as Wendy Wolf
  • Herman Merkles as Mr. Wolf
  • Ursa Merkles as Mrs. Wolf
  • George as Simon Squirrel
  • Emily as Belinda Bear
  • Dr. Kats as Doctor. Brown Bear
  • Ramon Molina as Papa Donkey
  • Mrs. Molina as Mama Donkey
  • Alberto Molina as Dider Donkey
  • Vicita Molina as Delphene Donkey
  • Bionic Bunny as Mr. Potato
  • Tosca as Polly Parrot
  • Ed Billings as Mr. Skunk
  • Gunky as Mr. Bull

And Many More

See also

Peppa Pig/Arthur

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