Version 1

  • Arthur as Pikachu
  • Buster as Piplup
  • Binky as Tzrtwig
  • Buneary as Francine
  • Jigglypuff as DW
  • Glameow as Muffy

Version 2

  • Arthur as Ash (Arthur and Ash both have names starting with an "A".)
  • Sue Ellen as Misty
  • George as Brock
  • Ed Crosswire as Gary Oak
  • Pal as Pikachu
  • Grandpa Dave as Tracey
  • Francine as May
  • Muffy as Dawn
  • Buster as Max
  • Mr. Ratburn as Drew
  • Binky as Harley
  • David Read as Professor Oak
  • Jane Read as Delia Ketchum
  • DW as Jessie
  • Rattles as James

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