Version 1

  • Arthur as Elmo
  • Buster as Grover
  • Muffy as Abby Cadabby
  • Sue Ellen as Rosita
  • Francine as Zoe
  • Binky as Cookie Monster
  • Brain as Baby Bear
  • Fern as Prairie Dawn
  • Adil as Big Bird
  • George as Snuffy
  • Timmy as Oscar
  • D.W. as Grundgetta
  • Chip Crosswire as Bert
  • Tommy as Ernie
  • Cheikh as Count von Count
  • David Read as Bob
  • Mr. Rogers as Huxley (Grandma Thora can't be Huxley, Huxley is male and Grandma Thora is female)

Version 2 (made by Tiffy33)

  • Arthur as Big Bird
  • Buster as Elmo
  • D.W. as Zoe
  • Brain as Telly Monster
  • Binky as Cookie Monster
  • Francine as Rosita
  • Muffy as Prairie Dawn
  • George as Grover
  • Timmy as Ernie
  • Tommy as Bert
  • David Read as Snuffy
  • Mr. Rogers as Oscar the Grouch (Prunella can't be Oscar, Oscar is male and Prunella is female)

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