Arthur The Big Red Tank Engine
Number 33
Class LMS
Livery LMS
Line Tidmouth-Barrow-in-Furness mainline
Built 1946
Builder LMS
Designers George Ivatt
Date to Birth November 21, 1946
First Appearance The Spotless Record
Voice Actors

Robert Wilfort (UK/USA)

Arthur is a large tank engine who is somewhat shy, but also very loyal. He does not like to cause trouble and at one time had a spotless record.

Life on Sodor

Arthur was brought to Sodor to help out on The Fat Controller's railway. Arthur was proud to have a spotless record, having never caused any accidents or complications. He was sent to work with Thomas and Percy at Brendam Docks, but Arthur would not bump the trucks like the other engines.

Later, when Arthur had to take a train full of fruit down the Main Line, he found the trucks singing rudely and felt a bit overwhelmed. Thomas decided to play a trick on Arthur by telling the new engine that The Fat Controller did not like having the trucks sing. Arthur fell for the ruse, and while pushing his train, he tried to silence the trucks, but to no avail. Finally, as they reached the top of Gordon's hill, Arthur tried to bump the trucks, giving them the chance that they wanted. The train rushed down the hill towards a level crossing where Duck was waiting with his train. Arthur crashed and sent fruit flying everywhere. Arthur was very upset to have his record tarnished, but Thomas owned up to his part in the accident. Thomas and Arthur met up later and reconciled. ("The Spotless Record")


Major Appearances

Season 7

  • "The Spotless Record"
  • "Something Fishy"

Season 8

  • "Fish"

Season 11

  • "Thomas and the Runaway Car"


Season 12

  • "Steady Eddie" (does not speak)


Season 7

  • "Bill, Ben and Fergus"
  • "Peace and Quiet"
  • "Bulgy Rides Again"

Season 11

  • "Gordon and the Engineer"

Arthur may return in the twenty-first season in full CGI.

Voice Actors

  • Robert Wilfort (UK/USA)


  • Arthur's theme is his Season 7 theme.