Arthur is a very musical show. While it is not a children's program where characters regularly burst into song, such as Blue's Clues or Bear in the Big Blue House, it does have a fair number of associated songs. To date, a total of three albums have been released:

Dance And Shake: The Best Of Time Warner Cable Kids!

The Tracks on this CD are:

  1. Barney And Friends Theme
  2. The Muppet Show Theme
  3. Kipper Theme
  4. Pinky And The Brain Theme
  5. The Jetsons Theme
  6. Scooby Doo Theme
  7. Huckleberry Hound Theme
  8. Wacky Races Theme
  9. Rupert Theme
  10. Franklin Theme
  11. Bob The Builder Theme
  12. Maisy Theme
  13. Little Bear Theme
  14. Batman: The Animated Series Theme

Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Template:Infobox Album Issued in 2000, Arthur's Perfect Christmas features many songs from the television special, including "Boogie Woogie Christmas" and "Baxter Day." New tunes on this CD include a rock version of "Silent Night" performed by Fern and "Here We Come A'Wassailing."

The Tracks on this CD are:

  1. Perfect Christmas
  2. Jingle Bells
  3. The First Noel
  4. Boogie Woogie Christmas
  5. Here We Come A Wassailing
  6. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  7. Silent Night
  8. Fum, Fum, Fum
  9. It's Kwanzaa Time!
  10. What Child Is This?
  11. What's The Use Of Presents?
  12. Baxter Day
  13. I'm Not Scared Of Santa
  14. We Three Kings
  15. Chanukah, Oh Chanukah
  16. Sevivon
  17. Chanukah Blesshing
  18. Sankta Lucia
  19. Nu Ar Det Jul Igen
  20. Angels We Have Heard On High
  21. Bring A Torch Jeanette, Isabella
  22. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
  23. O Tannenbaum
  24. Joy To The World
  25. Perfect Christmas Reprise

Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix

Template:Infobox Album The most recent CD, Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix was issued in 2001. This CD contains only one song heard on the program, a remixed version of the main title theme. A short version of this remix was played during the closing credits in the sixth season. All other tunes on this album are new. They are intended as a mix of various song styles, including zydeco, tango, jazz, blues and even country western. Songs include "Two Sides of the Story" (the country western song --- a tune based on the events of the story "Arthur's Family Feud"), "Fern's Detective Tango" (based loosely on the story "Binky Rules") and "D.W.'s Brass in Pocket" (based on the classic Pretenders tune "Brass in Pocket.") There's even a riotous retelling of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Sue Ellen, featuring Binky as Baby Bear, with lines such as "I'm too big to be a baby. Can't I be their cousin from down south who's a professional race car driver?"

The Tracks on this CD are:

  1. Believe In Yourself (Arthur Theme Remix)
  2. I Don't Want to Wake Up
  3. Pop Quiz from Ratburn
  4. Has Anybody Seen My Invisible Friend?
  5. Two Sides of the Story
  6. I Can't Snap My Fingers
  7. Fly, Butterfly, Fly!
  8. D.W.'s Brass in Pocket
  9. Elwood City: A Report
  10. Muffy's Soccer Song
  11. My Brain
  12. Only the Frensky
  13. Mrs. Wha-cha-ma-call-it
  14. Fern's Detective Tango
  15. My Echo Doesn't Sound Like Me
  16. Goldilocks and The Bears Trio as Told by Sue Ellen

Music from Arthur, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll

There were also several tunes in the special "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" but to date, these have not been released to CD. However, they were made available by WGBH's press relations and can be found as MP3s on some sites and on the Yahoo Arthur group. These songs are "Nothing But the Music," "Manager of My Dreams" and another remix of the main title theme. These songs (with the exception of the original version of "Nothing But the Music") all feature performances from the Backstreet Boys. Additionally, this special included the Backstreet Boys song "I Want it That Way." and a snippet of "Larger than Life".

The music in the special (including partially performed music) include:

  • Believe in Yourself (The usual Arthur theme, performed by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers)
  • I Want it That Way (performed by the Backstreet Boys) (partial)
  • Row, Row, Row your Boat (performed by Fern)
  • Skinnamarink (performed by D.W during audition held by Francine) (partial)
  • Unknown jingle (performed by George in background during audition held by Francine) (partial)
  • Nothing But the Music (PTA fundraiser version performed by U-Stink)
  • Our name's We Stink (a song Arthur, Buster and George wrote for their band) (partial)
  • Manager of My Dreams (performed by Muffy and The Backstreet Boys)
  • Three variants of an incomplete song with the lyrics "Well I thought I saw, the other night..." (performed by Binky, Fern and Molly) (partial)
  • Nothing But the Music (final performance by U-Stink and The Backstreet Boys)
  • Larger than Life (performed by the Backstreet Boys in the background as U-Stink disbands backstage) (partial)
  • Believe in Yourself - reprise (Arthur Theme Song, performed by The Backstreet Boys)

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