Arthur go to the Sodor searching and rescue center.He very glad to saw Belle.Belle is a big fire engine and Arthur wants to be like her.Belle teach him about rescue the friends.Belle pretending Henry was derailed and Arthur will help him.Arthur try to pull Henry back but Butch honking and makes Arthur scared and drop henry down.Rocky bring Henry back on the rail.Belle and Arthur go to the Steamworks.Belle ringing the bell very lound.Arthur have a new bell but he can't ringing lounder than he could.Victor and Kevin don't want to listen it and Authur go to Knafford station he talk with Thomas and he get back to the sodor searching and rescue center.Flynn was there and Arthur ask about Belle and Flynn told Belle rescue her friend on the Brendam dock.Then the siren sounding.Rocky told Percy was derailred in to the road.Flynn and Arthur rescue by Flynn push Percy back to the rail and Arthur pull him leave from there.When Belle was back,she very glad to Arthur very best but she said you will be best just be in yourself.

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