The Artificer is a Blue Lightstone class that can imbue items with temporary abilities, and create magical gadgets and use them to fight with.


The Artificer's primary ability is to imbue existing items and weapons with enchantments. These enchantments are not permanent, but they last long enough to make a difference in battle. They can do anything from make the weapon damaging to undead, to increasing its sharpness, all the way to destroying oter magical items.

Their other ability consists of creating items. This, of course, is very draining and requires the correct facilities (Forge, alchemy lab, etc.). However, they can create powerful magical gadgets to aid them in battle against the enemies of the BoD.

Role in Battle

An Artificer would commonly stay back with the other casters. However, there are Artificers who are skilled in weapon use and will enchant their own weapon while fighting on the front lines.

Thereby, Artificers can take on two roles in the Army:

  • A fighter
  • Or a caster

Artificers in the BoD

None so far.

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