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Create your own galleries!!!!

Got a theory? Write it up...get it discussed! Give us some examples.

Artspace is open to all: Fine Art, Abstract Art, Digital Art, Photography...

Artspace has a mission: by offering the space for artists to express themselves, and freeing them from the tangled web of commercialisation, we offer artists the chance to find an audience. We believe in art, not only as the spiritual home of man's intellect, but also as one of the last bastions of free, evolving minds. We are not fighting the commercial world, or globalisation, indeed we will embrace the opportunities offered by these forces, but we hope to break open the barriers and cliques that rule today's art world.

Here is a list of our artists:

feel free to add your name to the list and create your own gallery pages.

We give thanks to our original parent: [1] iMAG - home of free galleries and true artists...

Please note: texts on this site are not copyright protected, but the jpeg illustrations of original artworks cannot be copied or modified.

Rosso 006
Paxpaloscia 6grande

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