Arvi are a race of nomadic, space-faring, red-skinned, four-armed humanoids who apparently lost the location to their homeworld and for thousands of years have used the jumpgates to wander the Jumpweb of the Known Universe. Arvi history does testify that their race met and interacted with the Progenitors, though that now-extinct race's genocidal intraracial civil war caused the Arvi to lose contact with their now-lost homeworld. Arvi spaceships (see spaceships in the Jumpweb of the Known Universe)tend to follow designs closely paralleling Golem designs. Some Arvi have given up their "space gypsy" lifestyle and established permanent, on-world settlements, usually in Golem space, the Horsehead Empire, and the United Republic of Earth. There are a few such colonies on worlds under the rule of the Mantis Lords or House Lionheart. The traditional Arvi often trade with aliens, but sometimes they engage in violent space battles with the militaries of the United Republic, Golems, Horseheads, Mantis Lords, and Lionhearts. Populations of dog-like Keiki often live alongside the Arvi. Few Arvi living permanently on-world in the United Republic of Earth are involved in the Council of Non-Human Sentients, even though they are an obvious target of human-supremacist movements.

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