The Enochiian School refers to the disappearance of their Founder and Master Joshua Josephson Sinclair using this term.

The Ascension is the greatest mystery associated with Joshua Sinclair. This occurred at the close of the Amadthoth ceremony held at the Shabbaas and the Hall of the Adeptii on September 9, 9994 CE (441 BG).

Contemporary accounts and media recordings of the time show that he appeared, as if through a fissure in space-time, surrounded by a blazing, actinic, white light that winked out as he appeared. It was minutes before the ceremony and Shabbaas was crowded with matriculating adepts, apprentices, novices, friends, family, the media and people who had traveled vast distances to see the Master.

Joshua officiated over the rites of passage which on this night included the raising up of three Masters. When the rites were completed Joshua turned to the crowd and called to one of the new Masters; a tall man called Simon, and embraced him. He turned Simon toward the crowd and announced that Simon was now Master of the Enochiian School.

He told the crowd that he, too, was about to enter a rite of passage. One that he wished all could one day attain. With that simple statement, he knelt and arranged himself in the position of quietude and bowed his head. Media recordings show that utter silence filled Shabbaas. Shortly, the adeptii began to sing. Like notes from a vast pipe organ, starting in frequencies that were not heard but felt and mounting note upon note until the air itself seemed to ring with a chord that surpassed human hearing. At the peak of the crescendo it stopped and the echo of the chord dwindled into the night. The air around Joshua Sinclair began to glow. Brighter and brighter the light about him became until the crowd had to shade their eyes. Everyone expected Joshua would exit as he had entered – through a fissure in space-time. Instead, the light surrounding him expanded until it enveloped the students of the school. As it expanded it became dimmer. The light continued to expand until the entire crowd was suffused within its warmth. Although the media record only shows the light around Sinclair fading, anecdotal accounts of the next event are unanimous. The students and spectators were engulfed in a gentle embrace of love and warmth, and each heard the words, “Farewell … We love you.”

Joshua Josephson Sinclair vanished: He had faded into thin air.

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