The Ascension of Lyceum is a 'rebirth' of the acclaimed guild 'Academy of Lyceum', a guild consisting mostly of American players although not necessarily biased on any certain nationality.


The Academy of Lyceum was founded 3 years ago, and was around for most of the shaping of Lunara. Founded by Guardian Soldier, the guild lacked power in the early days but thanks to the support of sorrounding guilds and the determination of its members the guild slowly built up enough power to finally stand on it's own feet.

Peak of power

At the peak of its power the Academy of Lyceum hosted over a half dozen festivals and celebrations, ranging from 'Mr. and Mrs. Lunara' to 'strength test' where 100-250 rotworms were lured to one spot where the brave participants would walk up, amazingly draining 1000's of life or mana in a matter of seconds.


Due to inactivity and a few lucky members moving on to greater guilds, the Academy of Lyceum eventually met it's disbandment.

Although it's almost impossible to completely potray all that Lyceum has accomplished and been involved in, it is possible to mention that they were involved in alot of major Lunarian events, such as the minimum prices.

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