Thousands of years ago, a being known as Nightmare appeared and created a company called NightMare Enterprises, often abbreviated as N.M.E. (Holy Nightmare in the Japanese version). It was in truth a front for his great armies of monsters, which he used to take over much of the universe. They devastated countless planets. But there were those who stood to combat his evil, in the form of the Star Warriors and the Galaxy Soldier Army. They fought for many thousands of years, but Nightmare's monsters outnumbered them, and killed most. However, everyone is quite surprised when Kirby's ship crashes close to Cappy Town (Pupupu Village in the Japanese dub) on the planet Pop Star. They find he is tiny, round, pink, and a royal baby, unlike Tiff's now rejected desire of a strong knight. Despite his hardly warrior-like characteristics, he is quick to save anyone who is in danger. He is soon befriended by the siblings Tiff and Tuff, along with their servants Fololo and Falala.

Along with the heroes Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kovu, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Pac-Man, Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man and Pac-Baby.

The ruler of Dream Land, King Dedede, is jealous and suspicious of Kirby from the start. He and his sidekick Escargoon constantly try to get rid of Kirby with monsters provided by the company for a high fee, his assistants Kaa, Scar, Zira, Jessie, James, Meowth, and the ghost monsters (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde & Sue), though Escargoon shows a great deal more reservation and morals. However, these attempts usually fail because of Kirby's natural abilities. Just as in the games, Kirby can inhale enemies and temporarily gain their powers, transforming into forms such as Fire Kirby with the ability to spit flames, or Sword Kirby to literally slice foes into pieces.

Kirby grows and becomes stronger before his final battle with Nightmare. In the end when Kirby and Tiff face Nightmare, which is in a dream, Tiff throws the Warp Star at Kirby, who swallows it and becomes Star Rod Kirby. Star Rod Kirby has the Star Rod which is Nightmare's sole weakness, allowing Kirby to defeat him.


Ash Ketchum - Sarah Natochenny

Pikachu - Ikue Otani

Misty, Jessie - Rachael Lillis

Brock, James, Meta Knight, Blade Knight - Eric Stuart

Mowgli - Haley Joel Osment

Baloo - John Goodman

Bagheera - Bob Joles

Simba - Cam Clarke

Nala - Vanessa Marshall

Kiara - Neve Campbell

Kovu - Jason Marsden

Zazu - Jeff Bennett

Timon - Bruce Lanoil

Pumbaa - Ernie Sabella

Pac-Man, Kaa, Scar, Pinky - Jim Cummings

Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man - Tress MacNeille

Pac-Baby - Russi Taylor

Zira - Suzanne Pleshette

Meowth, Inky, Professor Curio, Chef Kawasaki, Melman - Maddie Blaustein

Clyde, King Dedede, Escargoon - Ted Lewis

Blinky - Rob Paulsen

Sue - Susan Silo

Kirby - Makiko Omoto

Tiff - Kerry Williams

Tuff, Lady Like - Kayzie Rogers

Customer Service - Dan Green

Nightmare, Rick - Andrew Rannells

Mayor Len, Samo - Mike Pollock

Sir Ebrum - David Lapkin

Iroo - Kevin Kolack

Mabel - Lisa Ortiz

Whispy Woods -

Fololo, Falala - Veronica Taylor

Tokkori - Kevin Kolack


  1. Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
  2. A Blockbuster Battle
  3. Kirby's Duel Role
  4. Dark and Stormy Knight
  5. Beware: Whispy Woods!
  6. Un-Reality TV
  7. Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
  8. Curio's Curious Discovery
  9. The Fofa Factor
  10. Hail to the Chief
  11. The Big Taste Test
  12. Kirby's Pet Peeve
  13. Escargoon Squad
  14. The Pillow Case
  15. A Fish Called Kine
  16. Flower Power
  17. Here Comes the Son
  18. Dedede's Snow Job
  19. A Princess in Dis-Dress
  20. Island of the Lost Warrior
  21. The Empty Nest Mess
  22. Ninja Binge
  23. Like Mother, Like Snail
  24. Sword and Blade, Loyal and True
  25. The Flower Plot
  26. Labor Daze
  27. The Hot Shot Chef
  28. Hatch Me if You Can
  29. Cappy New Year
  30. Abusement Park
  31. The Kirby Derby - Part 1
  32. The Kirby Derby - Part 2
  33. A Recipe for Disaster
  34. Junk Jam
  35. Watermelon Felon
  36. Escar-Gone
  37. Monster Management
  38. Prediction Predicament - Part 1
  39. Prediction Predicament - Part 2
  40. Sheepwrecked
  41. War of the Woods
  42. Pink-Collar Blues
  43. Tourist Trap
  44. A Novel Approach
  45. Snack Attack - Part 1
  46. Snack Attack - Part 2
  47. Cartoon Buffoon
  48. Don't Bank on It
  49. Kirby Takes the Cake
  50. Air-Ride-in-Style - Part 1
  51. Air-Ride-in-Style - Part 2
  52. Scare Tactics - Part 1
  53. Scare Tactics - Part 2
  54. One Crazy Knight
  55. Sweet and Sour Puss
  56. Dedede's Pet Threat
  57. A Half-Baked Battle
  58. eNeMeE Elementary
  59. The Meal Moocher
  60. Crusade for the Blade
  61. Fitness Friend
  62. Mabel Turns the Tables
  63. Something to Sneeze At
  64. The Kirby Quiz
  65. Masher 2.0
  66. The Chill Factor
  67. The School Scam
  68. Delivery Dilemma
  69. Trick or Trek
  70. Buccaneer Birdy
  71. A Whale of a Tale
  72. Waddle While You Work
  73. Dedede's Raw Deal
  74. Caterpillar Thriller
  75. Fossil Fools - Part 1
  76. Fossil Fools - Part 2
  77. Dedede's Monsterpiece
  78. Right Hand Robot
  79. Goin' Bonkers
  80. Power Ploy
  81. A Trashy Tale
  82. Cooking Up Trouble
  83. Teacher's Threat
  84. Mumbies Madness
  85. A Sunsational Surprise
  86. A Chow Challenge
  87. Waste Management
  88. Shell-Shocked
  89. Tooned Out
  90. Born to Be Mild - Part 1
  91. Born to Be Mild - Part 2
  92. Hunger Struck
  93. D'Preciation Day
  94. The Thing About the Ring
  95. A Dental Dilemma
  96. Cowardly Creature
  97. Frog Wild
  98. Cappy Town Down
  99. Combat Kirby
  100. Fright to the Finish

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