Ash's Adventures on the Island of Sodor


Ash and his friends Brock, May and Max are traveling through the forest and some how they got lost. The gang found three paths but they didn't know witch way to go. Brock looks at his map and decides to tell the gang to take the path that goes west, but some how when they reached the end of the road they end up on a dock were the boats are. Ash asked the caption "Can you give us a ride across the ocean please?" he asked. "Were on our way to the next gym so I can get my next gym badge." he finished. "Of course I'll bring you across." he answered. The gang was excited, they got into the boat and set sail. Everything was going find and the gang was having fun on the boat. All of a sudden, the clouds got dark a thunder storm started, the waves grew higher and higher, and the rain was poring down fast. Ash and his friends were getting worried. Then a big wave was about to crash on them, Ash then told Pikachu to use thunder bolt on the wave. But nothing happend, the wave crashed down on the boat and the boat was detroyed. The gang flew up in the air and splashed into the water. The whole gang got sweped away in the ocean. "ASH HELP!!!" May cried, but she was too far away to see. Brock cried out "ASH OVER HERE!!!!" Max couldn't say anything, his mouth was getting wet with water and water was going down his throut as he was sweped away. Ash started to cry as he watched his friends get sweped away. The storm continued all night long and then Ash passed out.

The next morning Ash woke up and found himself on shore. He got up and looked around, he didn't know were he was. He was still worried about his friends. All of a sudden he saw Brock, May and Max runing towards him calling his name. ASH!!!!! they all said. "We found you Ash!" Brock said. "We were so worried about you!" May said. "Ya, tell me about May." Max said. "So you guy's got sweped on this Island too?" Ash asked. The gang said, "Yes." They all looked around to look for shelter, then Max saw a path that leads into the forest. "Hey, lets go up this way!" he said. Ash and his friends walked right down the path and into the forest. They were walking through the forest when Max suddenly triped on somthing. "OUCH my foot and my chest!" he said. Max got up and he and the gang looked down. "Train tracks?" Max said. "Why are there train tracks on this island?" May said. "I have no idea!" Brock said. Suddenly they heard a loud train whistle, it was coming towards them. "Uh Oh!" May said. "Hurry we got to get off the tracks quickly, theres a train coming!" Ash yelled. Ash and the gang got off the track and hid behind some bushes. The train sounds got louder and louder as the engine approches them. Ash and his friends peaked out of the bushes and saw the steam train. The engine was small and he has six small wheels, a short stunpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and a short stumpy dome. The engine was colored blue and it had a number 1 yellow sticker on both sides. The engine also had a face, Ash, Brock and May never seen and steam train with a face before. But Max knew who he was and reconized him very quickly. "That's THOMAS!!!!! Thomas the Tank Engine!!!!" he yelled. Thomas was puffing down the line with his two coaches Annie and Clarabel. "What a busy day today." Thomas said. "I can't wait to get back home to the engine shed." he said. "You said it Thomas, we've been working hard bringing passengers up and down the branchline all day, we need a rest too." Annie and Clerabel said. "Ha, home sweet home I can hardly wait." Thomas said as he puffs down the line. Brock asks Max "Who's Thomas?" he asked. "You do know who Thomas is?" Max said. "He's a Tank Engine and he has his own number one hit show called "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" He's so awesome!!!!!" He finished. May remembers his brother Max watching that show all the time, and she remembers now. "Oh Ya, now I remember who Thomas is." May said. "GUY'S, I've got to say high to him" Max said and he jumped out of the bushes. "MAX NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Ash, Brock and May said. "You'll get hit!" they said. But Max wasn't listening, he jump right on the tracks and called out to Thomas. "HI THOMAS!!!!! I"M YOU BIGGEST FAN!!!!!" Thomas was shocked he was going to fast to stop in time. "GET OUT OF THE WAY KID!!!!!" Thomas yelled. "I'm going to fast, I'll hit you!" But Max wasn't listening he stayed right on the tracks. Thomas was worried he slamed on his brakes. He skitted down the rails with sparks flying out, then finally Thomas went slower and slower until he came to a stop right in front of Max. "What were you thinking kid! I would have hit you if you didn't move!" Thomas said crossly. "I'm sorry Thomas." Max said. "I'm just a big fan of yours and I wanted to meet you very badly and...." "Max!!!" May yelled. "That was not a smart idea you know!" she finished. "Make sure you be carful next time." Ash and Brock said as they came out of the bushes. Thomas was surprised, he never seen any of thous kids before. "Who are you guy's"? he asked. "I'm Ash, and I'm May, I'm Max, and my name is Brock." they said. "We were on our way to the next gym for Ash's next gym battle, but some how we got lose and we don't know were we are." They finished. "Wow, nice to meet you guy's I'm Thomas, Thomas the Tank Engine! and these are my two coaches Annie and Carabel." he said. "Say hi to them, girls!" Thomas said. "Hi Ash, May, Max, and Brock nice to meet you all!" they said. "Thomas?" Ash said. "Were are we?" "You guy's don't know were you are?" Thomas said. "I know were you guy's are, your on the Island of Sodor." "The cutiest little island and corborator county!" Thomas said. "The Island of Sodor?" Brock said. "I've never heard of this place before!" "But I have!" Max said. "Um... Hello! I watch Thomas & Friends thank you very much, and I know about this island! DU!!!!" He said. "What ever Max!" May said. "I don't even watch the show because it's for ages like you!" she said. "But the way guy's!" Ash said. "Don't forget we need to find some shelter so we can get some rest and all that!" he said. "Thomas! can you give us a ride so we can find shelter to stay?" Ash said. "Of course I can give you as ride!" Thomas replyed "All aborad the Thomas Express!" Ash and his friends hoped aboard Annie and Clerabel and Thomas steamed away. Then after Thomas left, Team Rocket poped out of the bushes and heard everything. "That's interesting!" Jessie said. "An island with talking trains!" "WOW!" James said. "That's like crazy I would say!" "I think it's creepy!" Meowth said. "I just want to see a normal train with no face on it!" "WAIT! I have an Idea! Meowth said. "Let take over this island and rule the Island of Sodor! He siad. "And we will take the magic away from all the engines! and they won't have faces no more and won't be living engines!" Meowth said. "That sounds like a great idea!" Jessie and James said togethor. This island will be ours!!!! HA HA HA HA!

Later that day, Duck and Percy were in the yard shunting some freight cars around. The trucks were laughing and teasing them both. "HE HE HE HE HE HE!!!! Duck is silly! Percy is stupid! Duck and Percy can never do anything right! HE HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" They all giggled. "OH BE QUIET AND SHUT UP!!!" Duck yelled.

Voice Cast

Pokemon Cast

Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum & May

Eric Stuart as Brock & James (From Team Rocket)

Amy Birnbaum as Max

Rachael Lillis as Jessie

Maddie Blaustein as Meowth

Ikue Otani as Pikachu

Thomas & Friends Cast

Martin Sherman as Thomas & Percy

Kerry Shale as Henry, Gordon, James, Harold, Arry and Sir Topham Hatt

William Hope as Edward, Toby, Whiff, Dash, Bert, Stephan Hatt, Farmer Trotter and Farmer McColl

Michael Brandon as Diesel & Mr. Bubbles

Jules de Jongh as Emily, Mavis, Rosie, Lady Hatt, The Duchess of Boxford and Bridget Hatt

Glenn Wrage as Spencer, Rocky, Cranky, Ferdinand and Butch

Ben Small as Stanley & Charlie

David Bedella as Victor and The Duke of Boxford


Mike Pollock (Pokemon narrator)

George Carlin (Thomas & Friends narrator)