Ash Ketchum's Storybook is a YTV All-Stars book adapted as a 1993 Home Video.


  1. Ash, Rikochet and The Gyarados
  2. Trust Ash
  3. Tom's Hamster
  4. Scott, Todd and The Really Useful Party
  5. A Scarf For Rikochet
  6. Terry and The Trouble With Mud
  7. No Joke For Al
  8. Virgil's Forest
  9. Ken Does It Again
  10. Ace and Al In Time For Trouble


  1. Ash Ketchum as Thomas (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Scott Summers as Edward (Kirby Morrow)
  3. Virgil Hawkins as Henry (Phil LaMarr)
  4. Terry McGinnis as Gordon (Will Friedle)
  5. Al Valentine as James (Yuri Lowenthal)
  6. Rikochet as Percy (Carlos Alazraqui)
  7. Ace Bunny as Toby (Charlie Adler)
  8. Ozzy Jones as Duck (Phil LaMarr)
  9. Tom Cat as Donald (Don Brown)
  10. Jerry Mouse as Douglas (Samuel Vincent)
  11. Ken of the PMC as Diesel (Marc Thompson)
  12. Todd Daring as Trevor (Nancy Cartwright)
  13. Wilhelmina as Sir Topham Hatt (Amy Birnbaum)
  14. Steven as Lady Hatt (Dan Green)
  15. Omi as Bertie (Tara Strong)
  16. Freakazoid as Terence (Paul Rugg)
  17. Kitty Pryde as Henrietta (Maggie Blue O'Hara)


Ash, Rikochet and The Gyarados

  • George Carlin: Ash and Rikochet are good friends, but sometimes Rikochet teases Ash about being frightened and he doesn't like that at all. One evening he was dozing happily in the shed, but Rikochet wanted to talk.
  • Rikochet: Wake up, Ash. Are you dreaming about the time you thought I was a ghost?
  • Ash: Certainly not. Anyway, I was only pretending to be scared. I knew it was your really.
  • George Carlin: Rikochet went on teasing him.
  • Rikochet: I hope the guard leaves the light on for you tonight.
  • Ash: Why?
  • George Carlin: Asked Ash.
  • Ash: I quite like the dark.
  • Rikochet: Oh really?
  • George Carlin: Explained Rikochet.
  • Rikochet: I am surprised. I'd always thought you were afraid of the dark. I wonder why?
  • George Carlin: Ash decided to say nothing and went to sleep instead. Next day, Wilhelmina came to see him.
  • Wilhelmina: I would like you to go to the harbour tonight. You have to collect something rather unusual.
  • Ash: What sort of something?
  • George Carlin: Asked Ash.
  • Wilhelmina: Wait and see.
  • George Carlin: Replied Wilhelmina. Meanwhile, Rikochet was moving some Beedrill into a siding. Virgil arrived with his goods train. The signalman changed the switches and Rikochet waited on the siding until Virgil had steamed by. Then, there was trouble.
  • The Signalman: The switches are jammed.
  • George Carlin: Called the signalman.
  • The Signalman: I can't switch them back for Rikochet. The workmen will have to mend them in the morning. It's too late now.
  • Rikochet's Driver: Hmmm.
  • George Carlin: Said Rikochet's Driver.
  • Rikochet's Driver: I'm sorry, Rikochet. But you will have to stay here tonight.
  • Rikochet: Where are you going?
  • George Carlin: Asked Rikochet.
  • Rikochet's Fireman: Home for tea.
  • George Carlin: Replied the fireman. Rikochet was speechless. He watched as the other characters went home to the shed. Night-time came and Rikochet began to feel very lonely.
  • Rikochet: Oh dear.
  • George Carlin: He murmured.
  • Rikochet: It's very dark.
  • (A screeching noise can be heard)
  • Rikochet: Oh! Oh! What's that?!
  • George Carlin: It was only an owl, but Rikochet didn't realize this.
  • Rikochet: Oh, I wish Ash was here too.
  • George Carlin: He sighed. Ash was waiting for his mysterious load at the harbour. Suddenly, there is was.
  • (Gyarados appears)
  • Ash: Cinders and Ashes!
  • George Carlin: Cried Ash.
  • Ash: It's a Gyarados!
  • Ash's Driver: Don't worry.
  • George Carlin: Laughed his driver.
  • Ash's Driver: This Gyarados is made of paper. It's for the carnival tomorrow.
  • George Carlin: Workmen lifted the Gyarados onto Ash's load loader and put lights all around it for protection. Then, Ash set off into the misty night. Rikochet was asleep on his siding and had no idea that Ash was approaching him.
  • (Ash and the Gyarados approach Rikochet and scare him)
  • George Carlin: Rikochet woke up with a start.
  • Rikochet: Help!
  • George Carlin: Cried Rikochet.
  • Rikochet: I'm not going to open my eyes until my driver comes.
  • George Carlin: Next morning the switches were mended and Rikochet puffed back to the junction. Terry was just about to leave with the express.
  • Rikochet: You'll never guess what I saw last night.
  • George Carlin: Terry was in no mood for puzzles.
  • Terry: I'm a busy character. I don't have time for your games.
  • Rikochet: I've seen a huge Gyarados. It was covered in lights.
  • George Carlin: Terry snorted.
  • Terry: You've been in the sun too long. Your dome has cracked.
  • George Carlin: When the other characters heard the news, they laughed too.
  • Al: Look out, Rikochet!
  • George Carlin: Cried Al.
  • Al: Or the Gyarados may gobble you up!
  • Rikochet: No one believes me.
  • George Carlin: Huffed Rikochet.
  • Rikochet: Maybe I did imagine the Gyarados after all.
  • George Carlin: But Rikochet soon found out that he hadn't.
  • Rikochet: Help! Save me!
  • George Carlin: Cried Rikochet.
  • Ash: It's alright.
  • George Carlin: Whistled Ash. And he explained about the carnival.
  • Ash: By the way, how was your night out?
  • George Carlin: Rikochet decided to tell Ash the truth.
  • Ash: Well, Rikochet.
  • George Carlin: Said Ash.
  • Ash: Maybe we do get scared sometimes, but if we're not afraid to tell each other, then that means we're quite brave too.

Trust Ash

  • George Carlin: Ash Ketchum was feeling bright and cheerful. It was a splendid day.
  • Ash: Good morning.
  • George Carlin: He whistled to some cows, but the cows didn't reply.
  • Ash: Never mind.
  • George Carlin: Said Ash.
  • Ash: They're busy with their breakfast.
  • George Carlin: Next he saw Omi.
  • Ash: Hello, Omi. Care for a race today?
  • George Carlin: But all Omi could say was...
  • Omi: Ouch! That's another hole in the road!
  • Ash: I'm sorry, Omi.
  • George Carlin: Smiled Ash. Ash was still in good spirits when Bertie arrived at the next station.
  • Ash: Bad luck, Omi. Now if you're a steam character, you would run a repair on reliable rails.
  • Omi: Huh!
  • George Carlin: Replied Omi.
  • Omi: The railway was suppose to deliver the tar to mend the road two weeks ago. You can't trust a thing that runs on rails.
  • Ash: I run on rails. You can trust me, Omi. I'll see if I can find out what's happened.
  • George Carlin: And Ash puffed away towards the big station. Al was snorting about in the yard.
  • Al: It's too bad!
  • George Carlin: He grumbled.
  • Al: Rikochet goes to work at the harbour and I do his job, here, there and everywhere! Take that!
  • Beedrill: Ooh!
  • George Carlin: Groaned the Beedrill.
  • Beedrill: Just you wait, we'll show you!
  • George Carlin: Terry laughed.
  • Gordon: I'll tell you what, Al. If you pretended to be ill everywhere, you couldn't shunt Beedrill here, or go to the quarry there, could you?
  • Al: What a good idea.
  • George Carlin: Agreed Al.
  • Al: Look, here comes Ash. I'll start pretending now
  • George Carlin: Ash was sorry to see the engines looking miserable
  • Ash: Cheer up.
  • George Carlin: He puffed.
  • Ash: It's a beautiful day.
  • Terry: Yes.
  • George Carlin: Grumbled Terry.
  • Terry: But not for Al.
  • Ash: What's the matter?
  • George Carlin: Asked Ash.
  • Terry: He's sick.
  • George Carlin: Replied Terry.
  • Al: Yes he is. I mean I am.
  • George Carlin: Stuttered Al.
  • Al: I don't feel well at all.
  • Ash: Don't worry.
  • George Carlin: Said Ash kindly.
  • Ash: I'll help out if you're ill.
  • George Carlin: Terry and Al sniggered quietly to each other. Some of Al's Beedrill were coupled behind Ash and he steamed away to the quarry. The Beedrill were still cross.
  • Beedrill: We couldn't pay Al back for bumping us, so we'll play tricks on Ash instead. One character is as good as another.
  • George Carlin: But Ash didn't hear them. He collected all the stone from the quarry and set off back to the junction. Danger lay ahead.
  • Beedrill: Now for our plan!
  • George Carlin: Giggled the Beedrill.
  • Beedrill: Go faster, go faster!
  • George Carlin: They pushed Ash over the switches.
  • Ash's Driver: Slow down!
  • George Carlin: Called Ash's driver and applied the brakes.
  • (Ash hits the buffers, and a log snaps apart, sending him floating into another set of buffers)
  • George Carlin: Poor Ash stood dazed and surprised in the muddy pool, as a toad eyed in suspiciously.
  • Ash: Bust my buffers.
  • George Carlin: Muttered Ash.
  • Ash: The day started so well too.
  • George Carlin: Ozzy pulled away the Beedrill, and Scott helped Ash back to the junction. Suddenly, Ash remembered the missing tar. He told Scott all about him.
  • Scott: That's strange.
  • George Carlin: Said Scott.
  • Scott: A car full of tar been left in my station. That must be it. Driver will make sure it gets to Omi now.
  • George Carlin: Later, Al spoke to Ash.
  • Al: I'm sorry about your accident.
  • George Carlin: He muttered.
  • Al: And so is Terry. We didn't mean to get you into trouble.
  • Terry: No indeed.
  • George Carlin: Spluttered Terry.
  • Terry: A near misunderstanding, Ash, all's well that ends well.
  • George Carlin: Just then Omi arrived. He looked much more cheerful.
  • Omi: My road's being mended now.
  • Ash: Oh, I am glad.
  • George Carlin: Replied Ash.
  • Omi: Thanks for all you did.
  • George Carlin: Added Omi.
  • Omi: Now I know I can trust an engine especially his name was Thomas.
  • George Carlin: Terry and Al puffed silently away to the shed, but Ash still had company.
  • Ash: Well, well.
  • George Carlin: He sighed.
  • Ash: What a day for surprises.
  • George Carlin: The toad who was looking forward to arrive home noisly agreed.

Tom's Hamster

  • George Carlin: Ozzy Jones works hard in the yard at the big station. Sometimes, he pulled coaches. Sometimes he pushed freight cars. But whatever the work, Ozzy got the job done without fuss. One day, Ozzy was resting in the shed when Wilhelmina arrived.
  • Wilhelmina: Your work in the yard had been good. Would you like to have a branch line to your own.
  • Ozzy: Yes please, ma'am.
  • George Carlin: Replied Ozzy. So Ozzy took charge of his new branch line. The responsibility delighted him. The line runs along a coast by sandy beaches till it meets a port were big ships come in. Ozzy enjoyed exploring every curve and corner of the line. Sea breezes swirled his smoke high into the air and his green paint glistened in the sunlight.
  • Ozzy: This is just like being on holiday.
  • George Carlin: He thought.
  • Driver: Well you know what they say.
  • George Carlin: Laughed his driver.
  • Driver: A change is as good as a rest.
  • George Carlin: Soon, Ozzy was busier than ever. Wilhelmina was building a new station at the port. Ozzy pulled the heavy freight cars whenever they were needed. Omi looked after Ozzy's passengers and the other characters helped too. But the work took a long time. Noise and dust filled the air.
  • Ace: Don't worry.
  • George Carlin: Whistled Ace.
  • Ace: The station is nearly finished.
  • Ozzy: And on time, too.
  • George Carlin: Said Ozzy thankfully. Ozzy felt his responsibility deeply and talked endlessly about it.
  • Ozzy: You don't understand, Tom, how much Wilhelmina relies on me.
  • Tom: Och aye.
  • George Carlin: Muttered Tom sleeply.
  • Ozzy: I'm great western and I...
  • Tom: Quack, quack, quack.
  • Ozzy: What?
  • Tom: You heard. Quack, quack you go. Sounds like you had an egg layed. Now wheesh and let an animal sleep.
  • Ozzy: Quack yourself!
  • George Carlin: Said Ozzy indignantly. Later, he spoke to his driver.
  • Ozzy: Donald says I quack, as if I laid an egg.
  • Fireman: Quack do you?
  • George Carlin: Pondered his fireman. He whispered something to Ozzy and his driver. They were going to play a joke on Tom and pay him back for teasing Ozzy. The characters were busy for the rest of the day and nothing more was said. Not even a quack. But when at last, Tom was asleep, Ozzy's driver and fireman popped something into his water tank. Next morning when Tom for water, he found that he had an unexpected passenger aboard. A small brown hamster popped out of his water tank.
  • Tom: Now look who's behind this.
  • George Carlin: Laughed Tom. The hamster was tamed, she shared the fireman's sandwiches and rode in the tender. The other characters enjoyed teasing Tom about her. Presently, she grew tired of travelling and hopped off to the station and there she stayed. That night, Tom's driver and fireman got busy and in the morning when Ozzy's crew arrived to look him over they laughed and laughed.
  • Driver: Look, Ozzy. Look what's under your bunker. It's a nest box with an egg in it.
  • George Carlin: Tom opened a sleepy eye.
  • Tom: Well, well, well. You must've laid it in the night, Ozzy. All are for yours.
  • George Carlin: Then Ozzy laughed too.
  • Ozzy: You win, Tom. It did take a clever engine to get the better of you.
  • George Carlin: There's a pond near the hamster station. Here she often swims and welcomes the trains as they passed by. The stationmaster calls her Tori. But to everyone else, she is always Tom's Hamster.

Scott, Todd and The Really Useful Party

  • George Carlin: Todd Daring was old-fashioned but he doesn't care. He knows that he is really useful, like his friend Scott Summers. Early one morning, Todd was chuffing about the Vicarage Orchard. He had important news for Scott.
  • Todd: The Vicar says that not all children are able to have holidays by the sea, so he's having a garden party to raise money for his seaside trip. I'm going to be the star attraction.
  • George Carlin: Chattered Todd.
  • Todd: Giving rides to all the visitors. The Vicar is putting up posters all about it.
  • Scott: I'd like to help too.
  • George Carlin: Sighed Scott.
  • Scott: But without my rails, I wouldn't be much good at the garden party.
  • George Carlin: It was a beautiful day but Scott was worried.
  • Scott: I wish there was something I can do for a party.
  • George Carlin: He said.
  • Scott: I'd like to be helpful like Todd.
  • George Carlin: Scott's driver laughed.
  • Driver: You're helpful in your own way, and that's on the railway.
  • George Carlin: Next day, it was Todd's turn to look disappointed. He had bad news.
  • Todd: The Vicar's been so busy that he forgot to put up the posters. Now no one will know about the party.
  • George Carlin: But Scott had an idea.
  • Scott: Don't worry.
  • George Carlin: He said.
  • Scott: Everything is going to be all right.
  • George Carlin: Then he explained to his driver.
  • Scott: The Vicar can paste his posters on my cab and coaches, so wherever I go, they'll go too.
  • Driver: Well done, Scott.
  • George Carlin: Said his driver.
  • Driver: I'm sure Wilhelmina would agree.
  • George Carlin: As indeed she did. Scott steamed happily to the stations collecting his passengers.
  • Passengers: Look!
  • George Carlin: They said.
  • Passengers: The Vicar is holding a party. We must go do that.
  • George Carlin: Later Todd was resting in the orchard shed when Omi rolled by.
  • Omi: Hello, Todd. Why are you dozing there like an old stick-in-the-mud?
  • Todd: I'm not dozing, I'm resting.
  • George Carlin: Replied Todd. Then he told Omi about the Vicar's party.
  • Omi: I'll be there too.
  • George Carlin: Boasted Omi.
  • Omi: I'm not sure people would wanna ride on an old traction engine after traveling in the smart red bus like me.
  • George Carlin: The party day arrived. It had rained heavenly during the night and the orchard grove was soaked.
  • Todd: Rain and mud won't spoil my day.
  • George Carlin: Said Todd.
  • Driver: No indeed.
  • George Carlin: Agreed his driver.
  • Driver: We'll stay on the road then we won't get bogged down.
  • George Carlin: Todd was soon busy trending up and down the quiet country lane, carrying lots of laughing children. He was just turning the corner when he heard Bertie.
  • Omi: Hello, old timer. I'm taking everyone to the party. People have come from all other the island.
  • George Carlin: Todd gave Omi a cheerful whistle, and turned backed toward the orchard. Then there was trouble.
  • Omi: Help, I'm stuck!
  • George Carlin: Shouted Omi. His feet had sunk deep in the orchard mud. Freakazoid arrived just in time.
  • Freakazoid: I'm the one who has to plough fields.
  • George Carlin: Laughed Freakazoid.
  • Freakazoid: We better get you out of here.
  • George Carlin: Using strong ropes, Freakzoid and Todd pulled Omi cleared the mud.
  • Todd: This will teach Omi a thing or two.
  • George Carlin: Todd chuffered to himself. At last, Omi was on the road again.
  • Omi: Thank you, Todd. You're not a stick-in-the-mud at all.
  • Todd: No.
  • George Carlin: Smiled Todd.
  • Todd: But you were. Just for a little while.
  • George Carlin: That evening, the Vicar arrived to see Scott and his driver.
  • Vicar: Thanks to your good idea about the posters. 100s of people payed to come to the party. We've raised lots of money for the children.
  • George Carlin: Scott was very pleased and Todd fell happily asleep thinking of all the children who would now get to the seaside at last.

A Scarf For Rikochet

  • George Carlin: It was a cold winter's morning on the land of YTV. The wind was bitter and the ground hard with frost. Ash and Rikochet were cold and cross.
  • Ash: All I want is a warm boiler.
  • George Carlin: Huffed Ash.
  • Ash: Firelighter knows that. He's late.
  • Rikochet: He's not late.
  • George Carlin: Replied Rikochet.
  • Rikochet: This weather woke us up early.
  • George Carlin: Gusts of wind swirled round the shed, tossing flakes of snow towards Ash. Then they swooshed round Rikochet too.
  • Rikochet: Why don't we talk about something else?
  • George Carlin: Shivered Rikochet.
  • Ash: Yes.
  • George Carlin: Replied Ash.
  • Ash: Like how silly we'll look when our funnels turn into icicles.
  • Rikochet: That's not funny. Maybe we'll stop feeling cold if we talk about warm things-like sunshine and steam.
  • Ash: And firefighters.
  • George Carlin: Muttered Ash.
  • Rikochet: Scarves!
  • George Carlin: Continued Rikochet.
  • Ash: Scarves.
  • George Carlin: Laughed Ash.
  • Ash: That's what you need, Rikochet. A woolly scarf round your funnel.
  • George Carlin: Ash was only teasing, but Rikochet thought happily about scarves until the firelighter came. Wilhelmina was enjoying hot porridge for breakfast. She was looking foward to taking important visitors on a tour of the railway, and had pressed her special trousers.
  • Wilhelmina: I shall put them in my trunk.
  • George Carlin: Wilhelmina said to her husband.
  • Wilhelmina: And change into them just before the photographs are taken.
  • George Carlin: Then he set off to catch his train. Rikochet was now working hard. His fire was burning nicely, and he had plenty of steam, but he still hought about scarves. He saw them everywhere he went.
  • Rikochet: My funnel's cold! My funnel's cold!
  • George Carlin: He puffed.
  • Rikochet: I want a scarf! I want a scarf!
  • Virgil: Rubbish, Rikochet!
  • George Carlin: Said Virgil.
  • Virgil: Characters don't wear scarves.
  • Rikochet: Characters with proper funnels do.
  • George Carlin: Replied Rikochet.
  • Rikochet: You've only got a small one.
  • George Carlin: Before Virgil could answer, Rikochet puffed away. Virgil snorted. He was looking foward to pulling the special train. It was time for the photographs. Everyone was excited. Wilhelmina was waiting on the platform for her trousers. They were in a trunk amoungst a big load of baggage. The porters were taking the baggage trolley across the line. They were walking backwards to see that nothing fell off. Rikochet was still being cheeky. His driver always shut off steam just outside the station. Rikochet wanted to surprise the coaches by coming in as quietly was he could. But the porters didn't hear him either. Rikochet gave them such a fright that boxes and bags burst everywhere.
  • Rikochet: OH!
  • George Carlin: Groaned Rikochet. Sticky streams of jam trickled down Rikochet's face. A top hat hung on his lamp iron. Worst of all, a pair of trousers coiled lovingly round his funnel. Everyone was very angry. Wilhelmina seized the top hat.
  • Wilhelmina: Mine!
  • George Carlin: She said.
  • Wilhelmina: Rikochet, look at this!
  • Rikochet: Yes ma'am. I am ma'am.
  • Wilhelmina: My best trousers too.
  • Rikochet: Yes ma'am. Please ma'am.
  • Wilhelmina: We must pay the passengers for their spoiled clothes, and my trousers are ruined. I hope this will teach you not to play tricks with the coaches.
  • George Carlin: Rikochet went off to the yard. He felt very silly. On the way he met Al.
  • Al: Hello, Rikochet. So you found a scarf, eh? But legs go in trousers, not funnels!
  • George Carlin: And he puffed off to tell Virgil the news. That evening, Ash and Rikochet were resting in the shed. Rikochet's driver has taken away the trousers and gave Rikochet a good rubdown.
  • Ash: Firelighter's promised to come early tomorrow.
  • George Carlin: Said Ash. Virgil arrived. He'd enjoyed taking the visitors around and now he felt sorry for Rikochet too.
  • Virgil: Driver says the weather will be warmer tomorrow. You won't need a scarf, Rikochet.
  • Rikochet: Certainly not!
  • George Carlin: Replied Rikochet.
  • Rikochet: Characters don't need scarves. Characters need warm boilers. Everyone knows that!

Terry and The Trouble With Mud

No Joke For Al

Virgil's Forest

Ken Does It Again

Ace and Al In Time For Trouble

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