Ash Ketchum: The Movie is a fan-fiction film created by Pikachufreak.

Plot of this movie

  • The movie starts with Ash Ketchum waking up at 7:00am. He wakes his sister Mary up and the two rush down to the kitchen where Wilhelmina has cooked up delicious pancakes. After eating them, they head outside and Ash meets Danny. The two brothers sing I've Gotta Rock as they head along. In The Longstocking Sisters' room, Bailey and Marina have just put on their normal outfits and their stockings. They wake Sally and Matthew up and the two head outside, only to find the garden in a mess. The Longstocking Sisters put on pink rubber gloves and, in time lapse mode, clean up the garden (with Flight of The Bumblebee playing in the background). In Kevin Whitney's room, he is practicing with Krypto when his neighbor Andrea and her pet cat Streaky appear. Andrea tells Kevin to make perfect pet grooming and he agrees. In Falkner's room, he is listening to Blondie's One Way or Another when Scooby and Shaggy appear. The two tell them that Raiden is holding a competition and they all race to the room, not noticing The Mastermind and his 4 henchmen, The Green Werewolf, The Black Knight, The Ghost of Geronimo and The Witch Doctor. In Gary's room, he is watching The Three Amigos when Latoya Parker arrives. She tells him that she will do crime fighting business as Mr. Parker has told her and Gary accepts. In Joey Wheeler's Room, he is full of energy as he sings I Just Can't Wait. The Head of Security appears and tells him that he's an expert duelist and he smiles. In Morty's Room, he is watching The Justice Friends Generations when Eusine appears. He tells him that both Jasmine and Rukia are feeling free for gymnastics. In Scrappy's Room, he is ready for some puppy power as he sings I'm A Powerful Pup. At Tristan Taylor's Room, he is seen with Joey's sister Serenity Wheeler. She tells him that he will need extra timing and he agrees. Back at The Longstocking Sisters' room, Bailey and Marina have just put on their princess outfits with white gloves and opaque tan pantyhose. They both sing It's Fun To Be A Princess while shoelessly brushing Sally and Matthew. At Professor Oak's Lab, he meets Ash's grandmother Agatha who tells him that Rory is doing a cook off and he hurries to the scene. In Peggy's room, she is doing ballet in her pink tutu and white tights when Janina appears. The two sing Being Little in a duet together. In Meilin and Madison's room, they are polishing their nails and having some toe wiggling in their black pantyhose. In Espio and Vector's room, they are planning to go on a journey and the two sing Going Places while travelling. At Ester's Room, she is dancing to Like A Virgin from Madonna when she receives a call from her friends Polvina and Tubarina. They explain that they are holding a ball and the starfish princess hurries out of her room. In Zane's room, he is relaxing when Alexis Rhodes appears. She explains that everybody can make fun and Zane offers an accept. Outside, Ash and Danny see The Longstocking Sisters dressed in princess outfits and they both blush in amazement. Meanwhile, Tien and Trista are holding a costume party and they admit that they are doing great jobs. Back at home, Falkner, Scooby and Shaggy meet up with Raiden who tells them that Shonosuke is doing some excellent exercises and the four sing Do The Exercise in a quartet. That night, the costume party begins and Ash and the others are in costumes. However, The Mastermind and his Henchmen appear to terrorize the party. Amber and Velma appear and tell both Scooby and Shaggy that they have to beat the monsters and so Ash challenges them and defeats them. He then unmasks them, revealing The Backstreet Boys. The movie ends with Bailey kissing Ash on his cheek and the Pokemon Trainer gushing in sight.


  1. Ash Ketchum
  2. Mary
  3. Wilhelmina
  4. Danny
  5. Bailey
  6. Marina
  7. Sally
  8. Matthew
  9. Kevin Whitney
  10. Krypto
  11. Andrea
  12. Streaky
  13. Falkner
  14. Raiden
  15. Scooby-Doo
  16. Shaggy
  17. Gary Oak
  18. Latoya Parker
  19. Mr. Parker
  20. Joey Wheeler
  21. The Head of Security
  22. Morty
  23. Eusine
  24. Jasmine
  25. Rukia
  26. Scrappy-Doo
  27. Tristan Taylor
  28. Serenity Wheeler
  29. Professor Oak
  30. Agatha
  31. Rory
  32. Peggy
  33. Janina
  34. Meilin Rae
  35. Madison Taylor
  36. Espio
  37. Vector
  38. Ester
  39. Polvina
  40. Tubarina
  41. Zane
  42. Alexis Rhodes
  43. Amber
  44. Velma


  1. I've Gotta Rock
  2. I Just Can't Wait
  3. I'm A Powerful Pup
  4. Fun To Be A Princess
  5. Being Little
  6. Going Places
  7. Do The Exercise

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