Ash and Bailey's Date is a Marvel Versus HB 2: New Age of Heroes episode.


  • Ash and Bailey need a date. So Gary, Latoya, Tai, Serena, Tooty, Scoopy, Joe, Mina, Alex Davis, Chigusa, Scooby, Amber, Rudy, Misty, King Boo, Queen Boo, Danny, Marina, Harold, Sandy, Zak, June, Sonic, Aya, Matt, Raye, Damian, Fiona, Tails, Kimiko, Koji, Sly Fox, Dorian, Krystal, Davis, Lita, Iggy, Abby, Izzy, Amy, Kiyo, Rebecca, Bowser Jr., Polvina, Knuckles, Tikal, Jerry, Gadget Hackwrench, Fox and Krystal set it up for them. Note: Kimiko is wearing her The Apprentice outfit also the music that Ash and Bailey are dancing to is Party Time from Thomas and Friends.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Bailey
  • Gary Oak
  • Latoya Parker
  • Tai Kamiya
  • Serena Tsukino
  • Tooty
  • Scoopy
  • Joe Kido
  • Mina Aino
  • Alex Davis
  • Chigusa
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Amber
  • Rudy
  • Misty
  • King Boo
  • Queen Boo
  • Danny
  • Marina
  • Harold Berman
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Zak Saturday
  • Juniper Lee
  • Sonic
  • Aya
  • Matt Ishida
  • Raye Hino
  • Damian
  • Fiona Von Steig
  • Tails
  • Kimiko Tohomiko
  • Koji
  • Sly Fox
  • Dorian
  • Krystal
  • Davis Motomiya
  • Lita Kino
  • Iggy Koopa
  • Abby Waterman
  • Izzy Izumi
  • Amy Mizuno
  • Kiyo
  • Rebecca
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Polvina
  • Knuckles
  • Tikal
  • Jerry
  • Gadget Hackwrench
  • Fox McCloud
  • Krystal


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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