Ash and The Hurricane is a YTV All-Stars episode for Season 7.


  • A hurricane is sweeping across the land of Cartoons one night, and Ash, Scott, Virgil, Terry, Al, Rikochet, Ace and Nikki don't get any sleep. By morning, an advice from Mary sends Ash on a football tour. He sees it while passing with Ozzy, Earthworm Jim and Agent Jay. At the mall, Ash meets up with Bumpty and Raphael who tell them about the falling fountain. When it gets knocked down, they report to Tom and Jerry, and worse still the roof of the mall falls to the floor, as the boys go to the elevator safely. On his way back, Ash finds a fallen tree on the line. He soon reports to Jackie Chan who agrees to help the football players remove the tree. After the hurricane ends, Wilhelmina holds a party for the football players' act, thanks to Ash and Jackie.


  1. Ash Ketchum as Thomas (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Scott Summers as Edward (Kirby Morrow)
  3. Virgil Hawkins as Henry (Phil LaMarr)
  4. Terry McGinnis as Gordon (Will Friedle)
  5. Al Valentine as James (Yuri Lowenthal)
  6. Rikochet as Percy (Carlos Alazraqui)
  7. Ace Bunny as Toby (Charlie Adler)
  8. Nikki Maxwell as Emily (Kelly Sheridan)
  9. Ozzy Jones as Duck (Phil LaMarr)
  10. Tom Cat as Donald (Don Brown)
  11. Jerry Mouse as Douglas (Samuel Vincent)
  12. Bumpty The Penguin as Bill (Brianne Siddall)
  13. Raphael The Raven as Ben (Phil LaMarr)
  14. Jackie Chan as Harvey (James Sie)
  15. Earthworm Jim as Salty (Dan Castellaneta)
  16. Agent Jay as Murdoch (Keith Diamond)
  17. Mary as Thomas' Driver (Kerry Williams)
  18. Wilhelmina as Sir Topham Hatt (Amy Birnbaum)


  • US: Michael Brandon.
  • UK: Michael Angelis.


  • Michael Brandon: A huge wind was sweeping across the land of Cartoons. Ash and the others watched anxiously as it howled throughout the house. It rattled through windows and made the roof moan, even it made the heavy door shake. The crew didn't get much sleep for the night. By morning, Mary came to see her brother.
  • Mary: There's a football game coming this morning.
  • Michael Brandon: She said.
  • Mary: The players want a match with some rivals.
  • Ash: Of course, little sister.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Ash eagerly.
  • Ash: I'd like to help.
  • Al: You'd better be careful, Ash.
  • Michael Brandon: Warned Al.
  • Rikochet: The wind might get you.
  • Michael Brandon: Rikochet replied.
  • Ash: No worries, I'll go with Ozzy, Earthworm Jim and Agent Jay.
  • Michael Brandon: Reminded Ash.
  • Scott: Really?
  • Michael Brandon: Wondered Scott.
  • Ace: But you couldn't be all alone.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Ace.
  • Virgil: That'll be too dangerous.
  • Michael Brandon: Insisted Virgil.
  • Terry: Please be careful, Ash.
  • Michael Brandon: Called Terry.
  • Nikki: We're counting on you.
  • Michael Brandon: Added Nikki.
  • Ash: I will.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Ash. By now, he was with Ozzy, Earthworm Jim and Agent Jay on their way to the mall.
  • Ozzy: Look.
  • Michael Brandon: Called Ozzy.
  • Earthworm Jim: A Football game.
  • Michael Brandon: Explained Earthworm Jim.
  • Agent Jay: You'll like it, Ash.
  • Michael Brandon: Smiled Agent Jay. But Ash was nervous.
  • Ash: I hope the wind might hurt me.
  • Michael Brandon: He quivered. Soon, he was at the mall and there, to his surprise, were Bumpty and Raphael.
  • Bumpty: Good to see you, Ash.
  • Michael Brandon: Replied Bumpty.
  • Raphael: Say, you're here to help us eh?
  • Michael Brandon: Said Raphael.
  • Ash: Well I was just...
  • Michael Brandon: Before Ash could reply, there was a huge shaking noise. All of a sudden, the fountain fell and landed onto the floor with a loud Kuh-Thud!
  • Ash: Yikes!
  • Michael Brandon: Exclaimed Ash in horror.
  • Bumpty: Was that, a loud noise!?
  • Michael Brandon: Shouted Bumpty.
  • Raphael: We'd better tell Tom and Jerry.
  • Michael Brandon: Called Bumpty. They told them about the fountain.
  • Tom: Holy Man!
  • Michael Brandon: Cried Tom.
  • Jerry: You've misunderstood.
  • Michael Brandon: Jerry replied.
  • Tom: How come that fountain fall onto the floor?
  • Michael Brandon: Retorted Tom.
  • Ash: It was an accident.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Ash unhappily.
  • Tom and Jerry: Oh my.
  • Michael Brandon: Groaned Tom and Jerry. They knew there was another fountain coming to land on them, and so it did.
  • Ash: To the elevator!
  • Michael Brandon: Called Ash, and he and the boys scurried for the elevator.
  • Jerry: That was close.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Jerry in relief.
  • Ash: I told you to be careful.
  • Michael Brandon: Replied Ash. Soon, he was on his way home, feeling happy that the fountains had been put back to place.
  • Ash: Now what's next?
  • Michael Brandon: He thought, but not for long. A tree had fallen across the path. Ash came to a complete halt.
  • Ash: Blast my head!
  • Michael Brandon: He gasped.
  • Ash: How did the tree fall into here!?
  • Michael Brandon: Jackie Chan arrived at the scene.
  • Jackie Chan: Need some help, Ash?
  • Michael Brandon: He asked.
  • Ash: Yes.
  • Michael Brandon: Answered Ash enviously.
  • Ash: A tree fell into the line.
  • Jackie Chan: Then we'll just have one way to remove it.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Jackie Chan bravely.
  • Jackie Chan: You'll work with me as a team.
  • Ash: Wow!
  • Michael Brandon: Said Ash.
  • Ash: That'll be great.
  • Michael Brandon: He was delighted. Soon, the workers pulled the tree out to safety.
  • Ash: Thanks for helping me, Jackie Chan.
  • Michael Brandon: Smiled Ash.
  • Jackie Chan: You're welcome.
  • Michael Brandon: Answered Jackie Chan cheerfully. Quite soon when the hurricane was over, Wilhelmina had a surprise party for Ash and Jackie Chan.
  • Wilhelmina: I'd like you to thank my son who helped Jackie Chan remove the tree.
  • Michael Brandon: She announced proudly.
  • Wilhelmina: He's lucky to have been brave in the hurricane.
  • Michael Brandon: Everyone cheered.
  • Al: You were right, Ash.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Al.
  • Al: You really did conquer your bravery.
  • Michael Brandon: Ash felt very happy.

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