Ash and The Lion's Den is an episode of Pokemon Puzzle League: The Series from Season 2.


  • In this 1998 episode, in an adaptation to Daniel and The Lion's Den, we find Giovanni, playing as King Darius, in court with The Festival Crashers, playing as The Wisemen, confiding that the dream was only a major problem, but Ash, playing as Daniel, rushes in and tells Giovanni that the law is just a law. A conceited Giovanni commands The Festival Crashers to throw Ash into the lions den. The three take him to a hole and throw him into the den in the process. After a landing, Ash is frightened, but an angel version of himself comforts him and the lions are calmed. Meanwhile, Giovanni and The Festival Crashers celebrate their victory, but find out that Ash is still alive. The Festival Crashers leave and Ash lives his life.



  • Who's That Pokemon: Electabuzz
  • This episode has Ash as Daniel, Giovanni as King Darius and The Festival Crashers as The Wisemen.


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