Asha is a young female Cardassian. (Space Trek)

Life in Galaxy City

Asha lived Galaxy City for 10 years. Because of that she acts more like a human then a Cardassian. During her ten years she didn't make many Bajoran friends. She attended Orion Middle School. She went to a social event for Cardassians and Bajorans called the CBSC (the Cardassian-Bajoran Socialization Club). She goes there every Wednesday. Her favorite foods are pizza, burgers, salad, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and tacos.


Asha is a very special girl. She collects Kologern Monster trading cards. She also collects Danny Phantom, Spider Girl, Elastic Boy and Masked Mutant comic books. She likes playing baseball, basketball, video game baseball, bike-riding, painting and sculpting. Her favorite books are Goosebumps, Bonechillers, Roald Dahl's books and H.G. Wells books.


Asha is a very good friend. Her adoptive parents are Bajorans Avesta and Deela, two Bajorans living on Earth.



Avesta is a Bajoran man. He moved to Earth when he adopted Asha. A business man, he owns "Avesta's Bajoran Cars" where he fixes up old cars. He gets car parts from the manufacturer.


Deela is a Bajoran librarian who works in the Galaxy City library. She enjoys her job and tries to help the people in the library.


Asha's Bajoran older brother.


Ari was Asha's father. When Asha was age 2 he was killed by the Bajoran underground. He gave Asha to Avesta and Deela.


A Cardassian explorer who tried to explore every planet in the Deneb sector and nearly succeeded. She disappeared on Tarchannen III.


Asha has three good friends.

Jake Sisko

Jake Sisko was friends with Asha for eight years.


A young Ferengi male. He sells items like trading cards, clothes and other items. The trading cards he sells are a rare line of "gross out" cards for kids.

Varis Sul

A young Bajoran girl; Asha's best friend. They meet at the CBSC and both attend Orion Middle School.

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