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Ashca is a mysterious prophet that most people are complete unknowing of. Ashca was born into slavery during the Infinite Empire and developed a strong hate for Rakatans. However Ashca belittles every other race and holds her's as superior even though the Rakatans drove her people into extinction. Ashca has age immortality meaning she cannot die of old age and is probably one of the most powerful beings there ever was.


Ashca is very calm and seldom. She rarely gets angry or frustrated. She keeps a constant smirk and loves to share her wisdom with the ones she seeks. Ashca is very wise and modest. She is mostly unknown because finding her is near impossible for she only finds you. Ashca has no loyalty to anyone and treats most people as if they are beneath her, but doesnt have an attitude about it. Shes very forgiving of arrogance and insults because she never lets things evolve into a fight. Ashca is of course a prophet and seeks people she needs to see and tells them what they need to hear and leaves as soon as she comes. Ashca never fights and others are not sure if she even can.


30,000 BBY

On the planet Lehon during the peak of th Infinite a child was born named S'et'ne'gl'ould who was part of a race called the Degorians which today is long been exinct. Degorians are very intuned with the force and could manipulate it into frequent foresights and life extentions. However this gift was exploited when the Rakatans enslaved and forced the Degorians to help infuse the star forge with dark energy. The Degorians had no choice, but to cooperate with their slavers.

The way the Degorians had to infuse the star forge with the dark energy the Rakatans craved cost pushed the Degorians on the verge of extinction. When only a few Degorians remained they decided inorder to keep their race living was to give the remnants of their power to a young child, that child was S'et'ne'gl'ould. The child was brought to the inner meditation chambers in the incomplete star forge where she was recieve the ritual. In the chamber the remaining Degorians surrounded her and told her what would become of her.

"Young S'et'ne. We are on the route to extinction. Inorder to keep even one member of our race and culture alive we must sacriface ourselves to you. We will give our remaining force and life power not to the Rakatan's weapon of terror, but to you. With our power time will not corrupt you or claim you and you will see what your eyes cannot far better then any of us. However young S'et'ne, you are not immortal. For the stab of a blade our the infection of a virus can still harm you. Use our power well and do not forget who you are."

With that final saying the remaining Degorians gave up all their energy and infused it within young S'et'ne. Her power increased aboe that even the Degorians preditcted. Visions of the future became clearer and clearer and she could predict the Rakatans would be hit by a terrible plague. With the sacriface of her people, S'et'ne'gl'ould, was the only Degorian left in the galaxy.

Throughout time S'et'ne'gl'ould watched as empires of many people collapsed and sheer her inifinite wisdom with men of great valor. Never did she pick up a weapon. However as time went on her people's dialect extinquished and nobody could pronouce her name. S'et'ne'gl'ould changed her name around the time of the Sith Empire to Shalagora., but that was not all. She changed her strange and unfamilar appearence with the force to a more human like appearence.

Sith Empire

Now around this time Shalagora was very lonely. She spoke to many people about their future and gave advise to them as well, but because of her unable to die of old age she couldnt bare attachment due to the fact she'll always outlive her spouses. Shalagora knew this and never had a relationship or even tried.

In the Sith Empire Shalagora had spoken to Marka Ragnos about how his pupils may make or break the empire, Marka heeded her words and tried his best to make sure they wouldnt fight, but fate could not be changed.

A young sith student by the name of Trajan Strithicus was one of the few to actually found Shalagora after hearing Marka Ragnos peak about her. He begged and begged Shalagora to teach him how to see into the future, but SHalagora refused. However Trajan was a tricky man and was able to turn Shalagora's lonliness into his way in convincing her. Trajan said he would serve her will for eternity if she gave him the gift. Shalagora was easily swayed and accetped Trajan's plea. Transfering a bit of her she recieved from her people's sacriface she gave Trajan limited power to see into the future. Trajan was true to his word and helped every vision Shalagora gave to come true.

However it wasnt just Trajan who was able to find her, but his master too. A powerful sith lord by the name of Otrogus. He knew from Trajan's bragging of foresight what Shalagora could do. SHalagora was enraged Trajan bragged about it and punished by ordering him to fight on the side of the one who will destroy the sith Empire, true to his word Trajan sorrowfully accepted his task. Now Otrogus was interested in Shalagora's ability to see in the future and live to the end of time. She told him if he sacrifaced himself for the Sith Empire's destruction then she will give the power to reincarnate. However when Otrogus comes back to life he must be re-educated about the man he once was, Shalagora said that she'll be the one to tell him. Otrogus gracefully accepted and pledged his servitude to her.

Everything went as Shalagora predicted. Trajan helped convince Naga Sadow to go to war and lose. Otrogus made Ludo Kreesh attack Naga when he came home and died on Ludo's ship when it exploded.

Mandalorian Wars

Shalagora was still making her prophecies known and predicted an event such as this would happen. WIth her prophecy she helped convince the Mandalore to go to war against the Republic for honor. Also around this time Otrogus wa reincarnated and Shalagora informed him of his past lives including his pledge to her. Otrogus faithfully continued serving under the prophet.

During the war Shalagora paid numerous visits to Revan telling him of his future and what he must do what the force commanded him. Otrogus wanted to fight to defeat the republic, but SHalagora refused telling him he would only die for the Republic was to win. However she told him that his time will come to fight very soon.

Jedi Civil War

After the war Revan took power and waged war on the Republic just as Shalagora predicted. However Shalagora told Malak he was to betray his master which he did. She then allowed Otrogus to fight for the sith, but warned him he will die. Otrogus didnt fear death for he would be reincarnated and fought in the Civil War.

This time Otrogus was not alone. Sybilla Strithicus who was a descendent of Trajan joined the Sith. Shalagora was shocked to hear her gift to Trajan ended up genetic and that every family member under him had inherited it. Nonetheless SHalagora went to Sybilla and she pledged her eternal servitude to her upon request by Otrogus who fell inlove with Sybilla and vice versa.

Otrogus and Sybilla fought hard in the war, but just as Shalagora predicted Otrogus was slain. Sybilla was devastated and returned home after the war where she died. Shalagora was again without servents and continued her wandering.

Galactic Empire

Again Shalagora changed her name to omething more modern and easier: Ashca. Ashca knew that Otrogus had been reincarnated, but she did not need therefore did not go to educate him. Instead she found a young Jedi by the name of Andrian Droma who was hiding with a few Jedi Knights from the Empire. SHe told him that he will fall to the darkside, but will be redeemed. Andrian quickley found Ashca to be interested and wanted to know more about her however Ashca wouldnt tell him.

Andrian and the other Jedi went to Ziost to defeat the remaining family members of the Strithicus cult. There Andrian fell to the alore of the darkside and turned against his masters. However at the end of the great battle Andrian slew Romulus Strithicus and was the only from that battle still alive. After that he returned to the lightside, but devoted his life to meditation and to finding more about Ashca.

New Republic

Around this time Ashca was even more lonely then ever. She had informed Luke Skywalker of his destiny to bring down the empire. However she was doing more poorly at her job with no servents and the reincarnated Otrogus too old of an age to educate she was alone.

After searching for years Andrian was able to find Ahca once again. For years he asked he asked more about her and for years Ashca repeatily refused. Until finally on the twelth time he was able to find her Ashca gave up refusing and told Andrian her life story. Eventually Andrian fell inlove with the ageless prophet. Ashca felt something, but wouldnt allow herself.

Eventually Ashca had to speak with Grand Admiral Thrawn about trust within his people. Thrawn was different from the rest and was angered by Ashca's prophecy saying he would be betrayed. Thrawn was able to corner the fightened Ashca with his guards. However one of Ashca's guards named Noata Hajime. Noata killed the guards and rescued Ashca.

Ashca, who had never been in a dangerous situation. was overly greatful to Noata for saving her. Inreturn for Noata pledge to serve her eternally Ashca granted him a much longer life span to almost 500 years. Ashca wanted Noata near her now knowing her life may be endangered at any time.

A few years later Ahca found out Otrogus had been reincarnated once more. She went to him and educated him. Otrogus however followed Ashca's example and changed his name to something more modern: Volko.

Ashca has been traveling ever since...

Behind the Scenes

Ashca was created by Sirius

Ashca's debut site was Star Wars a New Beginning
Ashca (Formally S'et'ne'gl'ould)
Biographical information
HomeworldLehon (Formally Rakata Prime)
HomeworldLehon (Formally Rakata Prime)
Date of birth30,000 BBY
Date of birth30,000 BBY
Date of deathN/A
Date of deathN/A
Physical description
SpeciesDegorian (Sub-race of Rakatans) but takes the form of a human
SpeciesDegorian (Sub-race of Rakatans) but takes the form of a human
GenderBelieved Female
GenderBelieved Female
HeightNaturally 7'5 (can change height)
HeightNaturally 7'5 (can change height)
Hair colorNaturally Orange (can change hair color)
Hair colorNaturally Orange (can change hair color)
Eye colorNaturally Bloodshot yellow with red irises (can change eye color)
Eye colorNaturally Bloodshot yellow with red irises (can change eye color)
Chronological and political information
Era(s)The First Age, Age of Imperialism, Age of Mariemaia
Era(s)The First Age, Age of Imperialism, Age of Mariemaia

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