Ashley Spookson
is an Character of WarioWare. she is an Anti-Antagonist of all the Games of WarioWare (and the Main Protagonist of The Chronicles of Ashley 1 and 2, Ashley's Spooky Fables & Ashley and the Spooky Bunch), in Portfolio Entertaiment she is an Tomboyish Witch & One of the Main Protaginists of WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon.


  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Alignment: Neutral/Good
  • Age: 15 (8 in Japan)
  • Occupation: Witch
  • Personal Color: Red
  • Boyfriend: Orbulon (Seen in WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon)
  • Friends: Wario, Mona (as One of her Best Friends in WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon), Penny (as One of her Best Friends in WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon), Orbulon (Boyfriend in WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon), Dribble, Spitz, Kat, Ana, Young Cricket, Jimmy. T, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Dr. Crygor, Mike, Red (assistant), .
  • Friends (Only in WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon): Picuyi, Timm, Socki, Jimmy. P, Mini-Wario, Natalie (Best Friend in the Show)
  • Rivals: Ashleydoodle (Once in WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon), Duchess Lily (formerly), Polly Quetzal.
  • Enemies: Dr. Keith Ventor, Black Jewel, Evil Wario, Captain Syrup, Jhark (formerly), Splunks, The Dinosaurs, Muncher the King (Arch-Enemy), Mighty Jill Off, .
  • Enemies (Only seen in WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon): Deadrabbit, Virusis, Henlarsey, Clarky, .


  • Ashley resembles Emily the Strange (1990).
  • She is the Most popular Female character of WarioWare. then she would be the Main Protagonist of Ashley's Spooky Fables, The Chronicles of Ashley & Ashley and the Spooky Bunch.

Counterparts (WarioWare (T,J&H Productions) Version) (Female Version)

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