Ashley Porter is a character created by House DJ Z-2. Her Voice Actress is unknown, but her singing voice is provided by Tomatsu Haruka for the song Ashley's Lament, which was featured on the deluxe version of Z-2's Debut Album The Space Warrior.



Ashley Porter was born on July 16 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2013, her parents were killed by the FBI, who were confronting them about a secret Operation led by her father Noah J Porter entitled Operation BLOODSTORM (which is also a song to be seen in Z-2's Collaboration Album with Eminem and Kanye West, Lost In The Ruins), before attacking the school Ashley was in at that time. Luckily, Ashley, who was hiding under her desk, was able to survive the deadly attacks and escape the school before the FBI would even find her, who claim that they are stating her as a prime target in the Operation. After learning about the operation when she returned home and suddenlt knows that she is a prime target in this operation, she escapes her home and heads for New York, where the operation was first created. However, during her journey, she is captured by the FBI after getting swerved by FBI agent Spark Williams (played by Z-2, unmasked). Once captured, they lock her inside a prison room before going into testing on a project that drains anyone involved in Operation Bloodstorm and turn them into mindless androids. After succeeding in the first test on a young woman (played by Miley Cyrus, a featured artist of Z-2's Space Warrior Album), they test it on Ashley. However, before they can complete drainage, a masked man (played by Z-2, Masked) intrudes the station and stops the drainage, causing Ashley's memories to go back into her brain as a result of this. He and Ashley then escape the FBI arena and head for New York, much to Spark's Dismay. After fighting off many FBI forces thanks to Ashley's Supernatural Powers that were given to the masked man who rescued her earlier, they finally make it to New York, right when the masked man was suddenly captured by the FBI for questioning. Before getting dragged into the chopper, the masked man told Ashley, who was hiding under a parked car to avoid witness from the FBI, that she is the new leader of Bloodstorm, which causes an enraged Spark to stab him in the arm right before putting him into the Chopper. Ashley, determined to follow his orders, then crosses the Brooklyn Bridge and makes her way to New York, hoping to hide from the FBI and the people that want her gone from the Operation forever. She currently hides in a private room inside the Empire State Building, where she hopes to reveal more about Bloodstorm and her powers.












Ashley Porter is a Emo Goth Girl with Black Hair and black lips with piercings on her ears. Her outfit is a usual striped Black And White T Shirt, Black Arm Tights, Black Open Finger Gloves, A Black Gothic Style Belt, Black Pleated Dress, Black And White Stockings, and Black High Heel Buckle Platform Boots.

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