Domain Light
Other Names Light of the World
Parentage Arn
Children Younger Gods
Siblings Vuh
First mentioned in Titan
Subsequent books Blacksand!; Allansia

One of the three Primal Deities who created the universe. A crude translation of this God's name is Light of the World. Seen as the brother of Life (Vuh). This is thought to represent the fact that these two ancient deities combined to create life and oppose Elim rather than an actual fraternal relationship. It is thought that Ashra and Vuh created the first families of the Younger Gods.

The Staff of Ashra is an ancient artefact. Its power manifests itself when it strikes a follower of Elim. It results in their immediate destruction.

The peoples of northern Allansia once worshipped Ashra and Vuh in abundance before the War of the Wizards. Now their worship is limited to a few isolated settlements in the very far north.

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