Ashury's Death is the 142th episode of Bob, Sonic Boom and Go!.


  • Bob, Sonic (not to be mistaken with Sonic The Hedgehog) and Ashury finally arrived in Tokyo after the bloody battle against two of Taboo's strongest minions, Rayamarinne and Watsumate (Episode 141). As soon they enter, Taboo send a group of ninjas to kill them, Ashury uses her magic to freeze the ninjas but in that same time, Taboo himself appears and shoots Ashury with an Watsuhemana (one of the deadliest powers of the anime), she falls on the ground and tries to hit Taboo with her magic, but Taboo use the protection; Bob and Sonic try to defend Ashury, but Taboo's minions stop them with powerful magic; Then, Taboo gets his swords and hists Ashury, who gets a serious injury; Bob uses all his power and becomes Supa Sutaa Bob Level 3 and kills the minions. Sonic uses the Cards of Fate to destroy Taboo, but Taboo was too strong and stunned Bob and Sonic; After this, Taboo passed his sword through Ashury and kicked her face causing she to die then he goes away when he notices that Bob is waking up.

Next Episode

  • Episode 143: No! Ashury! She's dead; miserable Taboo, you will pay for this!

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