SuperMalechi (talk) 13:49, September 28, 2014 (UTC)


  • Robert Kiiphoff: Hey, welcome to the first episode of my asking series. Let's get ready.
  • SuperMalechi: Did you dislike Dora?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Yes, it's a Baby show like all other Nickelodeon shows!
  • Rob Toliver: Did you like Spongebob SquarePants?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: No! It's for little kids and babies!
  • BarneyBJBabyBopandRiffFan: What is your favorite show?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, it's a funny train show.
  • Connor Folkersma: Did you like South Park?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: I am too young for that show.
  • BarneyandSpongebobFan: Did you like horror movies?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: No, because my dad told me not to watch them like ever and ever.
  • ThomasandBugsBunnyFan: What's your favorite Thomas movie?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Tale of the Brave, and my favorite scene is when Thomas gets blocked by an avalanche.
  • Rob Toliver: Did you like Wonder Pets?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: No, it's made by Nickelodeon, and that's for babies. Besides, Thomas and Friends is better!
  • ThomasandSouthParkFan: Did you like Family Guy?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: No, cause it's cancelled, which is for little kids. It stinks.
  • Jeremy Quann: Did you like Toy Story?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Yes.
  • SuperMalechi: Did you watch Shrek?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Yes.
  • SuperMalechi: Did you like soda?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Yes.
  • Jeremy Quann: Did you want to kill Dora?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Maybe.
  • BarneyandSpidermanFan: Did you play Mario Kart Wii?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Yes.
  • TheWigglesFan: Did you like The Wiggles?
  • Robert Kiophoff: No, because I am a 16 year old! Besides I like Thomas and Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Walker Texas Ranger better.
  • BarneyandJulieFan: Did you like Futurama?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: I'm too young for that show.
  • MarioandWonderPetFan: Did you have Spencer?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Yes, he's the fastest engine on the mainland.
  • BarneyandSpyKidsFan: Have you played games at the YMCA?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Yes, I did some swimming lessons.
  • Mariofan: Why did you hate Pokemon?
  • Robert Kuiphoff: Because it is a childish anime show!

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