Warning: This article contains raw excerpts from the original Nobilis rule book. You can help Sovereign Wiki by expanding and/or re-wording it.

Aspect and Nobility

A character's Aspect is their physical and mental being, their self. While the Nobilis represents forces of nature, they still exist in the physical world. A character with no points invested in Aspect retains the human body they were born with.

Aspect in a nutshell

Aspect is the stuff heroes are made. From Superman's Strenght, Stamina and Laser Beams to Sherlock Holmes superior Intellect, Sarcasm and Charisma. While this Attribute is somewhat overwhelming broad, effect-wise, it's up to each Player to decide their characters own limitations (whether it's game-wise or role-play limits). Just because a character is an Exemplar that doesn't give him automatically powers over the entire Cosmos, such as eating an entire planet Galactus Style. It's a start, but if characters are Unhindered, it may result in Power Play.

When creating a character, keep in mind her skills, and stick to them! In most cases, a good Hollyhock God will put your characters skill on the test, this is perfectly normal. But when using a character with a focus on Mental aptitudes, when confronted by a Physical challenge (having her friend stuck under a log or some heavy object) their first action is to use a display of power and dispatch quickly the problem. While under the rules this is possible for an Exemplar, one possible solution is to use the wits and create an alternative solution (such as crafting a leverage from their surrounding to give an opportunity for her friend to crawl out to safety).

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