Assamarra is The God of the Desert.


Known in ancient Djarata as the God of the Sands or God of the Deserts and Arid Places.Template:FF59 He is a powerful but often forgotten God. His ancient name is very similar to the name given to the Sun Goddess in South East Allansia.[Titan] It is likely that the South Eastern Allansians took the name of this God and because of the very strong connections with the Sun, confused the two.Template:Non-canon

It should be remembered that the names and images ascribed to the Gods are made by the inhabitants of Titan. Our minds could not possibly comprehend the true forms of the Gods. As such it is the fact that a God is being worshipped that it is important to that deity, not the name being used during the worship. For this reason it is possible that the corruption of the name of Assamarra to Assamura and the subsequent replacement of the focus of that name being the Sun rather than the Desert would not force a divine intervention on the part of the Sun Goddess.


Scholars are of the opinion that Assamarra is the son of Titan and Glantanka.

Despite his apparent withdrawal from the minds of worshippers he is still considered one of the Greater Gods, especially given the nature of his pedigree.


Assamarra is depicted in ancient statues as a regal-looking man, bare-chested, wearing a simple cloth round his waist. On his head is a tall cylindrical crown with nine bands round it. In one hand he is often seen holding a long staff.Template:FF59

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