An Assist Trophy is an item, similar to a Poké Ball, that releases a non-playable character from a Nintendo game to assist the person who released them. Some of these characters are currently known.

Character Original series Info
Hammer Bro. Mario series A Hammer Bro. from the Mario series throws his hammers at other players.
Lakitu Mario series Lakitu drops Spinies on other players.
Waluigi Mario series Waluigi stomps on enemy characters.
Kat and Ana Wario series These twin ninjas slash at players.
Tingle Legend of Zelda series Tingle summons a large group of random items.
Metroid Metroid series The titular Metroid flies around sucking the energy out of players.
Knuckle Joe Kirby series This enemy from the Kirby series attacks players with his fists and special moves.
Andross StarFox series The enemy of the StarFox team attacks players with polygonal shards fired from his mouth.
Samurai Goroh F-Zero series Captain Falcon's enemy appears to attack other players.
Lyn Fire Emblem series This hero from Fire Emblem attacks enemies with disappearing sword strikes.
Jeff Earthbound series Jeff launches a series of bottle rockets towards the stage.
Gray Fox Metal Gear Solid series Gray Fox attacks foes with a backhand swipe of his sword. He can also reflect projectiles.
Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog series This ally of Sonic's uses Chaos Control to slow down time.
Mr. Resetti Animal Crossing series The mole Mr. Resetti appears and lectures the player about Assist Trophies. His text bubbles fill the screen.
Nintendog Nintendogs series A Nintendog, from the DS series Nintendogs, appears and paws at the screen, blocking the players' views.
Dr. Wright SimCity series The obscure tutorial character from the original SimCity appears and raises buildings from the ground into other players.
Devil Devil World series This creature from the game Devil World, which was never released in the US, scrolls the screen in the direction he points.
Excitebike Excitebike series A group of Excitebike riders ride through the stage, running over players.
Tanks and Infantry Advance Wars series A series of Advance Wars fighters attack players.
Jill Drill Dozer series A Drill Dozer attacks other players.
Little Mac Punch-Out!! series Little Mac punches the other fighters.
Saki Amamiya Sin and Punishment series Saki shoots and slashes the enemy players.
Stafy Legend of Stafy series Stafy uses a spin attack on enemies. He is a rare example of an Assist Trophy that can be attacked.
Barbara Daigasso Band Brothers series Barbara plays damaging music.
Helirin Kururin series This Assist Trophy acts as a spinning platform.
Isaac Golden Sun series Isaac uses psyenergy push attacks on enemies.
Ray Custom Robo series Ray flies around and shoots energy blasts at foes.
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