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(Confront Keenan = True)

I went after him.

He was in the commons. Tired. Bags in his eyes.

I knew it.

He couldn't have gotten any sleep last night.

The thought of him doing...


to Sara made me shake.

Made me, literally, see red.

Josh: "I'm going to kill you, you fucking bastard!"

Keenan whipped his head towards me.


Fucker didn't even see this coming?

After what he did?


Keenan: "The HELL? Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?"
Josh: "After what you did last night..."
Josh: "I am going to rip you."
Josh: "Limb. From. Limb."
Keenan: "...I did something last night? And I didn't remember it?"
Keenan: "Damn. I thought I was only one sheet to the wind."

I don't remember moving up to him.

Just saw myself there. My fist on his chest.

Josh: "Sara means so little to you that you would FORGET?"
Keenan: "...Sara?"

Still acting dumb.

I spell it out for him.

Josh: "...I saw you smuggle her into the base last night."
Josh: "Into her ROOM last night."
Josh: "Drunker than hell. Both of you."
Josh: "Did you think I wouldn't put two and two together?"

Keenan almost laughs...

Until he sees my expression.

Keenan: "...better work on your arithmatic, Cap'n Preston."
Josh: "Do you take me for a fool, Caine?"
Keenan: "Right now or in general? Cuz right now, you're acting like a moron."
Josh: "I am going to rip you to peices..."
Keenan: "I tucked her in and put her to bed before she did something she would regret, Josh."
Josh "...!!"

I stare.

I *blink.*

Several times.

Josh: "...what?"
Keenan: "Jesus Christ, Josh."
Keenan: "She's thirteen."
Keenan: "Thir - fuckin - teen."
Keenan: "Even these days? After the Bliss?"
Keenan: "I consider her a kid."
Keenan: "I like 'em stacked, Josh. She's flatter 'n Pier 39 is right now."
Keenan: "She sleeps while clutching The Amazing Mr. Meow, distant cousin to Artemis The Talkin' Moon Cat, for dear life."
Keenan: "...and I know you like her on top of that..."

I blink, then point to myself.

Josh: " knew about that?"
Keenan: "Not exactly subtle there, Cap'n."
Keenan: "You log more time with her than you do in the creche."
Keenan: "...Not that she minds."
Keenan: "She was mumbling all night about how you regularly act the Tux Kamen to her Bun Bun."

I have to look away at that.

Blushing hard.

Josh: "You were never interested in her?"
Keenan: "Not my type, man."
Keenan: "She's YOUR moe fantasy, not mine. I don't have moe fantasies."
Keenan: "(My fantasies involve Anna Lin, Yukiko, and a...)"
Josh: "...derail that train of thought at the station, Keenan."

Keenan grins.

It's so rediculously wolfish that I have to laugh.

Keenan: "I get plenty of "Vitamin P" from Yukie, and Laura. Not Anna so much these days but I'll cope."
Keenan: "Not so much that I don't want Sara..."
Keenan: " that you do."

I shake my head and smile.

Josh: "...Man, you're a scrub."
Keenan: "Ha! Who's the pervert now?"

I hold out my fist.

He gives me knuckles.


...I had made a stupid assumption.

But that was alright.

...I feel like I can trust him.

$ ktru += 1

(You have gained Trust in Keenan.)
(Now, your ANIMa's Ripper Launcher can withstand $ ktru direct hits.)


Damn him.

Damn him to hell.

Because I can't hate him anymore.

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