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The Front Page of my Life


Name: Vanessa Elizabeth Winn. (Maiden Name: VanBlaircum)

Pen Name: Kristalia Arana Astari (I plan on using this on all my publications) In fact if you look up Kristalia Astari on Google you'll find a ton of my stuff already LOL.

Birthday: Feb 18, 1985 (Making me 23 atm)

Location: Michigan.

The Reason: Truthfully I would like a wikki sort of site to organize all the things I love. I'm planning on publishing a book (or 5) and figure the best information about me will come from me. My life hasn't been that long but with all the people I have meet so far it has been a Life time already. I'm interested in everything (well almost I tend to stay away from drugs and porn and other such distasteful things) and my collections are vast. I plan this to have information about everything that impacts my life. I'm sure it wont have many visitors (unless my books really get famous then there might be a couple) but I'm a list person Seriously I've got it bad I even have a list of my lists *rolls eyes* It's pathetic really. Craftaholic, animal lover, Learning fanatic, major Collector and above that I'm always looking for some new :D.

Pet Pives:

I have many but I can't think of them of hand I'll have to put them down as they occur to me.

However my mother has just reminded me of one. All of the odd/old phrases she uses. As of now the one she just used on my about 5 minutes ago is "Cause I'll tell you why." "you don't want to buy that cause I'll tell you why" Can you think of how weird that sounds I just want to yell at her and ask her what in the world that phrase means it's not even proper English *sigh* lol I love her to death though.

More to come later I'm sure.

Odd Thoughts:

Would it be weird if I moved to the UK and picked up the speech mannerisms and accent would they treat me weird since I'm American?

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